Youtuber debunking the flat earth
« on: August 11, 2015, 07:26:10 PM »
There's a guy who has traditionally gone after spirit science (very good series btw), but he's begun making videos about the flat earth, below is a link to the playlist for his flat earth videos:
Martymer81 - Flat Out Wrong
I don't know if he comes here, or to the other site, but he seems to have done his research.
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Re: Youtuber debunking the flat earth
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The funny thing is that this man will send more people to the forums to get answers.

Just read the comments below the video. People are like "these people still exist?" But the video maker is missing something - that human curiosity always leads people do go the next step farther... It will lead them to look up flat earth websites.

Many of those people will be won over to the flat earth by way of reason - people who would never have even considered it, had the idiot not drawn their attention to it in the first place.


In attempting to hide the truth, he uncovers it. Good Job! lol

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Re: Youtuber debunking the flat earth
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Or! The guy is articulate and convincing, people come to ridicule and find infinitely expanding earth's and glass domes and get exactly what they came for.
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