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This is the new summer series with Halle Berry. I just finished the first episode, and it seems like it has some promise.
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Re: Extant
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It's on network TV over here, and everything on network TV is utter shit so I'm hesitant to give it a chance.


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Re: Extant
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I'm not impressed. 
Don't know if I can muster enough energy to care about android boy who is destined to go haywire and a conspiracy to coverup an alien knocking up Halle Berry.
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Re: Extant
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It's dull. I'm going to stop watching Extant unless the evil kid from Looper starts killing people. Or Halle Berry's alien baby starts killing people. Or the doctor from ER starts killing people.

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Re: Extant
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I've never heard of this show, but if Halle Berry is in it I will not watch it.

Re: Extant
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Well, she is in it. Looking a bit tired around the eyes.