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What are your codified Flat Earth Beliefs?
« on: August 14, 2021, 10:21:02 PM »
There's not really one Flat Earth Theory. What I've seen instead is a great many theories with one common unifier, a central tenet- that the Earth is flat.
This can sometimes make it challenging to understand what people are arguing, and how to reply. To help with this, I've decided to start this thread, for anyone who wants to explain their beliefs and the way they explain certain facts about the Earth. I'm including a list of questions, which you are free to use or ignore. It would be especially helpful if some of the more prominent posters (I'm looking at you, J-Man!) could take the time to reply to this. Thanks!

I understand that there will be some surprised reactions to the answers to these questions. To avoid this thread getting cluttered, however, could you kindly undertake lines of inquiry/criticize other people's personal beliefs in a seperate thread? Thanks!

--Questions Follow--

1. Do you believe the Earth is flat?

2. Which map do you personally subscribe to? Unipolar, bipolar, or something else?

3. What orbit does the sun take?

4. Why do constellations look different, depending on location?

5. Why do seasons happen?

6. Is Nasa lying to us?

7. Is the government lying to us?

8. Which organizations are lying to us?

9. Is there a global conspiracy to cover up the flat earth?

10. If you said yes to 9, why?

11. If you said yes to 9, when did this conspiracy start?

12. What's your favorite brand of crisps/chips?

13. Can people visit Antarctica?

14. How did the Flat Earth begin?

15. Why do ships disappear over the horizon?

16. Do you have any other questions you'd like to see in this list?
Please do not make arguments about things you don't understand.