The sun in perspective.
« on: November 07, 2020, 08:43:50 PM »
Why does the sun all ways look circular even at sunrise and sunset? I mean if it's a flat disc then it should at its furthest point from me (sunset and sunrise), look at least somewhat like an ellipse. As a disc in perspective becomes an ellipse to the viewer. You can actually try this out with a plate or something round! All you have to do is place it with tape on your ceiling, then with your phone take a photo directly under it, then another photo one foot back and so on until you can't anymore. Then just take the photos and review them. You will see they appear as an ellipse or a circle in perspective. So my question is why does the sun never look anything but round? If it's flat and it's moving away from me in the evening than why is it always a circle?


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Re: The sun in perspective.
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I mean if it's a flat disc
It's not.

And this is not a FEC thread.

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