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READ BEFORE POSTING: Welcome to Flat Earth Theory!
« on: July 05, 2018, 09:47:29 AM »
Welcome to Flat Earth Theory!

The purpose of this board is to directly examine, discuss and critique the Flat Earth Theory. We encourage posts in support of both the Flat Earth and Round Earth model (or, indeed, any other model). Please note that this board is strictly moderated, and threads which do not focus on a sincere discussion of FET will be moved away from the board.

Before posting, please make sure to familiarise yourself with the forum rules and the Frequently Asked Questions section of our Wiki.

Please also utilise the search function to check if there is already a thread covering your subject.

The top level Flat Earth Discussion Forums are a Debate Club. As in any debate club, the goal is to exercise your ability in debate to poke holes in arguments and expose weaknesses, even if you do not believe in that position yourself. Keep in mind that this is a friendly debate. Post in the Flat Earth Debate Club and join the fun!
Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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