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FES Constitution, Second Draft
« on: August 05, 2014, 09:48:35 PM »

The name of this organization shall be The Flat Earth Society. This group may be officially abbreviated as TFES or FES.


The Flat Earth Society is a society of free thinkers dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the universe and demonstrating the inaccuracy of Round Earth Theory, as well as promoting the acceptance and discussion of Flat Earth Theory.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Society membership is open to any individuals professing a belief, or interest, in Flat Earth Theory. Five tiers of society membership will exist: Administrators, Moderators, Zetetic Council Members, Official Members and Uninitiated Members.

Administrators will be tasked with running the Flat Earth Society website, including the society's forum.

Moderators will be in charge of managing discussion and enforcing rules.

Zetetic Council Members will be in control of the overall direction of the society as well as any aspect of the society not directly related to the website or forum.

Official Members will be general members of the society.

Uninitiated Members will be those who involve themselves in discussions of Flat Earth Theory on the forum but are not members of any other group.

ARTICLE IV: Zetetic Council

The Zetetic Council will be in charge of publicizing the society and FET. It also will be, by default, in charge of any aspect of the Flat Earth Society that isn't part of the forum. It will have the power to delegate authority to other groups at its discretion. It will also be in charge of creating and amending this constitution. Any authority, within reason, which isn't given to another group will be given to the council.

The Zetetic Council will consist of five (5) elected members. Each member may propose topics to be voted on by the council. By default a vote may be decided by a simple majority.

Zetetic Council elections will be once every 6 months. They may also be held in the interim in the case that, for whatever reason, there should be fewer than five members of the council. Whether in not an election will be held in the latter case will be at the discretion of the council. All society members with more than 100 posts will be allowed to vote in the elections, which will be held in a specially created subforum on the website. Nominees may be selected by any member, although the Council holds the right to veto nominations for any reason. The council also has the right to revoke voting privileges from a member.

Zetetic Council Members may be removed from their position at their own request or via the process of impeachment. Impeachment requires that either 1) A 80% majority of voting official members vote in favor of the act or 2) a majority of remaining members vote in favor of the act. Up to two council members may be impeached at one time. Alternatively, a 80% majority of voting official members may vote to replace the entire council at once. In this case, the council will remain in operation until elections are finished. Impeached council members may not run again for two (2) years post-impeachment.

The Zetetic Council may not be allowed to, at any time, have fewer than three members.

ARTICLE V: Website Administration and Moderation

Section I: Administration

Administrators will be society members in charge of the FES website. They will have the responsibility to keep the site running smoothly, make the final decision in forum disputes, select Moderators, and decide upon rules for discussion occurring on the website.

Administrators may be removed by their own request. Replacements will be voted on by all official members.

Section II: Moderation

Moderators will be selected by Administrators. They will be in charge of enforcing the rules of the forum and managing discussion threads. They will have the authority to ban members from the forum at their discretion. Their decisions may be superseded by an Administrator.

Moderators will be removed at their own request or by the authority of an Administrator.

ARTICLE VI: Constitution

Section I: Ratification

In order to take effect, this constitution must be ratified by all five (5) members of the Zetetic Council.

Section II: Amendment

After ratification, this constitution may only be altered by the process of amendment. A Zetetic Council member must put forward the change to the council. Following this, the change must be agreed upon by a four fifths majority. Alternatively, an official member may put forward a proposed amendment to the constitution. Following this, an 80% majority of voting official members must vote in favor of the amendment.
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