Re: What is beyond the south pole?
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With all due respect, whatever that story was about PanAm is false. If you watch "Flat Earth Clues" by computer scientist Mark Sargent, it plainly states that since Admiral Byrd, nobody has been allowed to go back to Antartica. Professor Sargent feels this is due to an ice wall, which I respectfully disagree with, preferring an infinite ocean model beyond Antartica, but, either way, it is historical point of fact that Antarctica has been cordoned off since the 1950's.  Any stories you hear to the contrary is social media misinformation designed to inveigle and distract from the simple fact of the matter that the US government has been in panic mode over Antarctica ever since the Byrd expeditions. Professor Sargent believes Admiral Byrd found the ice wall, I think he found more ocean, but either way, what he found does not fit the globetard model, and that is just an empirical fact of the matter.

א, You say these things, with no proof whatsoever.  Below are some websites.  The first 2 are U.S. government sites seeking people to join the ongoing projects in Antarctica.  The third is testimony from people who have been to Antarctica.  Given that you are using א as your name, maybe you will understand me when I say the stuff you have written is שטויות .  Either prove what you say, or don't say anything.