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Flat Earth Community / Interview with a true believer
« on: April 16, 2021, 04:28:40 PM »
Hello everyone, I am really interested into learning more about the society. I'd really like to interview someone on their view of the society. I'm going to be completely transparent, it is for a paper for my writing class. My assignment focuses on Dissoi Logoi, or the act of viewing a topic from both sides. My topic is the view of the earth as either a sphere, or a disk. I feel as it would be more intereseting to interview somone from the society because there is a bias that I'd like to exterminate in the writing. I'd need to site your name and contact info (email would be fine) in my works cited.

I really hope some of you reach out in interest as I am genually curious on your perspective. Whenever I look "flat earth" up it is nothing but a slew of hate and bias and I'd like to reach straight to the source, because I know we all have our own views and perspectives. I just want to see the unfiltered view from you!

Please reach out if you'd like, a first draft is due this monday. My personal email is dont be afraid to reach out!


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