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Re: Biden is using American taxpayer money to pay off my loans
« Reply #80 on: March 04, 2024, 02:21:07 PM »
1. This is not a "send us the bill" this is a "we give you $1 billion dollars and you stop charging tuition." Thus they can't overcharge for anything.

That's very nice, Dave. If only we had a Dave lawmaker to look down upon people and say "no, you can't take advantage of this" and they just frown at you in response and say "okay."

2. $192 billion is like 20% of the budget.  And realistically, just divide it up by a few years.  No one's going to realistically notice.

...what. To put this into perspective, taking away 192 billion of the defense budget is the same as deleting the entire US Army branch (their 2024 budget is $185.3 billion). I think other countries would notice.
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