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Flat Earth Investigations / Re: The ISS - Who Should I believe?
« on: August 29, 2021, 12:15:27 PM »
Neither. You've already done the exact right thing - you asked a question and set out to perform your own observation and draw your own conclusion. If you're happy with your results, what else are you hoping to achieve by posting about it?

Unless people think that two opposing theories (the earth is flat vs. the earth is round) can be true at the same time, such an observation is a good test for which of the two alternatives can possibly be true.

This can be done by simply looking at the explanations given by both theories for how the observation is possible, what it shows, how to predict when and where such an observation is possible etc.
The explanation given by RE theorists is clear: we know the orbit of ISS around the Earth, hence we can exactly predict where on earth it will be visible when and at which point of the sky.

For FE theory to not get immediately falsified, it would be necessary for FE theorists to come up with a theory that at least gives the same detail of explanations and testable predictions. So I guess the real question is: does FE theory provide such a theory for the ISS, or for how any kind of satellite works?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Problems with the FE sun
« on: August 29, 2021, 12:06:57 PM »
Doesn't this refute the FE model?

It is hard to know what the FE model really is, as one would need to find some actual maths that would, e.g. be able to predict when exactly the sun rises or sets on a specific day at a specific location.

RE models can do this very precisely and reliably and the maths for those models is readily available and conforms to all the classical assumptions of standard physics and astronomy. So I would be curious to see not just textual explanations and drawings but an actual FE math model where I can enter my coordinates, the model gives me the times and I can check if those times conform to reality.

Does such a model exist? If not, how do people who support the flat earth theory then interpret the discrepancy that models based on RE are able to predict such things while models based on FE do not even exist?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: I'm new here! A bunch of generic questions?
« on: August 29, 2021, 12:00:06 PM »
Have you read the faq on this question? You really should! It may give you some other possibilities to noodle than the acute lack thereof you are currently suffering with.  No conspiracy is required for humanity to be wrong.  One possibility, outlined in the faq, is that any "conspiracy" that NASA et al represent is for military/nationalistic reason and not to do with the shape of the world.
Even if NASA and US organizations try to mislead because of military/nationalistic reasons: why would all other countries, enemy countries of the US, like Russia, China, Pakistan go along with this?
And also: space programs are not just missions like going to the moon, basically every launch of a satellite would only make sense if the Earth is round. These launches are carried out around in many countries, often by private companies. Are they all trying to mislead? And how, if not by actual satellites in orbit,  do they then provide the services (satellite TV, GPS, satelite phone, satellite telecommunication) for which millions of customers pay because they work?

I was trying to find by search, in the wiki or in the FAQ: how  do satellites work?

Clearly satellites DO work somehow as anyone with a satellite TV dish can confirm: unless you point the dish to where the geostationary orbit has placed the satellite, you won't be able to receive a signal.

Also non-geostationary satellites can be observed in the night sky when they reflect the light of the sun for a short instance.

The International Space Station, being the largest satellite, can be observed with a simple pair of binoculars by anyone interested.

Satellites also provide tons of photographs many of which are publicly accessible and show a round Earth, and they include photos of the south pole.

How does all this conform to FET?

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