Navigating By Stars - How Is It Possible?
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Just wondering how navigating by stars works in a flat earth model. I'll give one example (as per attached image):

I can be in Auckland, New Zealand and someone else in Perth, Australia. When we both look at the Southern Cross (Crux), at the same time, and do the following we can both find south:

1) Draw a line from the top of the cross through the bottom and extend it out.

2) Draw a line between the two pointers (Alpha and Beta Centauri) and extend a line from the centre straight out at right-angels.

3) Find the point where the two lines intersect and then drop a line down to the horizon.

Given that we are 5000km apart, how can this be possible that we both end up pointing south on a flat earth model?



Re: Navigating By Stars - How Is It Possible?
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I really want to know how this works. Please.