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Flat Earth Community / Re: Genuine question
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:31:22 PM »
Yes I have ran across many of these "arguments " and "facts" along you tube which is where I first found this theory. I was actually shocked that flat earth was still a thing. My theory when first hearing it, the theory is so crazy either it's true and we have stumbled across an awakening. Or it is the ultimate troll test. This is why I decided to actually come to forums to see if I could find itelligent people on their theory to help me understand it's possibility. The YouTube arguments was doing them no justice, basically either saying it's all a lie with no substance to support the claims. Or saying God said so. Which I believe Yahweh and Yehushua to be the ultimate truth, yet I don't use that in arguments of this nature. Not to mention there is nothing in the Bible that says the earth is flat, and actually things that elude to a globe.

So far it is seeming this is a troll movement. I am trying to prove otherwise with little avail

However, someone did say that satalites was actually allowed in this model which would explain where my parts went and the things I have seen personally. Yet that opens up a whole other box of questions. What are they "orbiting" and how do they maintain altitude as well as flight path since there will be no sling shot effect. The fuel they take up with them would barely keep them on target and in flight for a day. I am awaiting a response perhaps I will be surprised.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Genuine question
« on: April 16, 2016, 09:31:49 AM »
"So, all the universities that have satellites in orbit are in on it too?"

This was basically the point of the original post. The size of the conspiracy is astronomical. Way beyond the government( which I know when their mouth moves it's a lie) and all the government funded space agencies. It trickles down to low men on the totem pole such as people like myself, private sectors, colleges ect ect.

I am absolutely always open to ideas, just seems tough to refute

Flat Earth Community / Re: Genuine question
« on: April 15, 2016, 11:03:39 PM »
"NASA is not corrupt"
Well I do not know if I would go that far..... I have seen them do some horrible things to some of my former clients. However was it a simple act of dog eat dog shady business practices, or something more sinister? I can also attest to the fact of two designs that NASA "appeared" with that was not theirs. This I can say as a fact, I was sent the specs and data models to work with fuel control issues. This was a year before the company was put out of business by red tape of the government, then suddenly NASA was working with this same idea "they" came up with. Sure this happens everyday in other  fields, however...many other fields don't have the government as their enforcer.

As to geckothegeek.

 The institutions of some fields and educations are very cult based. I know it sounds silly but it's true. You challenge a hypothetical equation that is the general consensus, you are thrown to the wolves. Could you imagine what would happen if the fact came around that I was even 1 percent exploring the claim of a flat earth??

The likely hood that the world is flat is beyond slim, the possibility of the geocentric model is higher than a flat earth. Yet each would require all known physics, mathematical models, and geology models to be tossed out the window. However, I have always kept an open mind, and looked into every hypothesis until either it fell apart or gained progress. One of my fears is being the type of person that ignores something that really does end up being truth. So keeping that mentality, I look into "everything" despite the lengthy process it is. Though fortunally most hypothesis fall apart very quickly when there is not a solid foundation.

There is a cult theology in mainstream education as well as alternative. I believe this hinders progress beyond description. It is not required, the truth needs no will defend itself.

Also yes, most of the forums I have looked at seem fun that envolve this subject. Sadly more aggression and blind "facts" seem to be thrown by the flat earthers themselves. This is supposed to be something that alternative views are not suppose to do, the "truth" is suppose to be the only goal. Not agenda.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Genuine question
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:30:37 PM »
Really? a shill because I only found this place a few days ago?? A shill because I decided to open with a question that has been bugging me? I am attempting to be open to your idea? A question? I purposed with respect?  Don't you think that is a bit ridiculous?

 Also accusing me of hypocritically being open minded?? Did you not read what I do for a living? If people even got wind of me taking the slightlist interest into this, I would be blacklisted in bankruptcy. So to even tiny bit risk that would certainly show I look for truth at any corner until that corner has dried up or shows to be promising .

I agree about the pull of the freemason power in the elite. It's their own little club house. One point of my question was what about people like me whom certainly is not a mason? Just the short list of the stuff I provided that makes me wonder how it can be pulled off.

Also fyi, space x is still a private company... It is not "owned" by NASA. They are just intertwined together now and heavily funded by NASA. They are "owned" but still "private"

Flat Earth Community / Genuine question
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:12:18 AM »

  I have had a question regarding this theory that has weighed on me. Despite the field I work in, I am not closed mind and I truly appreciate outside the box thinking. I truly enjoy questioning the norm, what is fact and what is not (I also realize no matter what, "facts" are more of a mythological unicorn and not abundant as purported by many). So please know I ask this question with respect, and it is a genuine question.

  What is the theory on how such a conspiracy can be kept when a conspiracy involving 100s of people can barely be held for a decade?  This would surely involve at least a million people or more, involving many different cultures and nations. Requiring say, Russia, for example, to withhold their pride for the "greater good", which is extremely uncommon not to mention torturous of their culture.

   Also lets remove the government involvement. There are many private sector jobs that rely upon the globe model and support it. For example, my company, I have owned for 9 years, some of the items I manufacturer and design are aviation and aerospace items. Including, but not limited to liquid fuel turbo pumps, piston pumps, gyro components, some electronic shielding, along with many other components that are involved in the production of different machinery. I am paid by for profit private sectors, I have never once been issued payment from any government source. Where are my items going??? Who is really paying for them? Are these private sectors just dummy corps for the correct image? If so who is benefiting from this and what is the purpose?

   I have also been invited by long term clients to either visit or required to travel to certain locations for business if issues arrive. Also anytime there is a failure rather it one of my products liability or not (much much bureaucracy involved). I have first hand seen ground control centers for Eutelsat and Intelsat. I have got to observe the data feeds sent and returned, have even been able to witness maintenance adjustment procedure done on a mid orbit bird. I have also seen partially complete and fully completed satellites before delivery. How is this explained? What have I witnessed in the control rooms??? Was it a video game to look the part? Where are these birds going if the physics behind them are impossible??? Are they junked somewhere?? Just a giant waste to keep appearances? Granted I will say there are no pictures or anything of the such in the control areas, just data and position charts along with radar variances. However, this seems very elaborate  for something that only a very few people will see.  I would truly enjoy to hear the position and theory explaining this.

   I will say one thing though, and this has seemed odd to me. For the last 4 years the materials requested for anything aerospace wise has diminished to a very small portion.  The big 7 sat builders (which are government funded) dissolve any private sector builders by two ways. One make it impossible to launch with bureaucratic tape, or two, one of the big 7 buys that company and they vanish. Government explanation is so they can control what is up there, supposedly preventing junk from being launched, failing in orbit, causing cascade reactions, losing guidance before it can even reach a junk orbit ect ect. Also "lowering" insurance premiums (have yet to be seen, also it is almost impossible to get insurance as a private builder now, they either price you out of business or just deny completely). This action took place almost over night with no warning, no grandfather clause and really nothing at all to do about it. This has never set right with me. 

   These are just a few of the questions I have had regarding your theory, without getting into the physics of things, I believe the question needs to be addressed about the dynamics and magnitude of the conspiracy itself. As I said before, this is asked with respect and a genuine search for the answer. Freedom of mind and thought is one of the highest of my priority. 

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