Space image Magnification through Atmospheric Lensing
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Hey Guys,

I know there's been a lot of talk about how far objects in space are.  It occured to me that if the atmosphere is shaped like a Dome, then it will act like a telescope and magnify the appearance of images like the Sun, Planets, and Stars.  
Here is a photo of earth taken from a Mars orbiting spacecraft and the ajoining article:

You can see how small earth looks like from space.  But when you remember that looking down on earth without the aid of atmospheric lensing will render a smaller image of earth, then these kinds of space photos make sense even from a flat earth perspective. 
I believe Earth is one of at least 14 Dwarf Galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.  It acts as an Axial Disc Magnet attracting objects to it's surface.   Visually, Antarctica is at the center surrounded by the Arctic Circle.  It spins once a day, wobbles once a year, is covered by an icy dome, and lies beneath a small heliocentric solar system.