Circumference of the Equator!
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This post is quite an interesting way to trash the flat Earth... It's novel.

..and why isn't the FE side "winning" a single thread in the Debate forum?

Scrolling through pages after pages of the forum, I see the remains of many great threads that utterly destroy the FE myth. In most of them all the FE questions, misunderstandings, and objections have been addressed. I get that there are only a few flat-heads left here to reply to forum posts, and we're all very grateful for your efforts, but you'd at least hope to see some threads where the RE side is losing...

Why would we admit we're wrong? And we're not destroyed in debates here. Round earthers take cheap shots and gang up on us that it becomes too tedious and time-consuming to continue the debates.

I'm sorry if some other globers are trying to "win" something.
(Surely, some other flattists are trying the same thing.)

But neither of us are al the same.
I'm here about facts, not about some "victory".

For start, I have one simple question for you:

Meter is defined by French.
They measured distance through meridian near Paris (from Dunkirk to Barcelona) and defined meter as 10 milionth part of distance from pole to Equator.
The measuring was timely and expensive enterprise.
It shows us that North pole is 10 000 kilometers from Equator.

Equator is the line where Sun circulates for Equinox.
It is circle and even Rowbotham confirms that.
That fact is confirmed by observing midnight sun at North pole from March 21 to September 21, and by other factors.

Circumference of Equator is 40 074.5 kilometers.
Radius is 10 000 kilometers.

Why circumference of Equator is not 62 832 kilometers?

In short: we can measure the circumference of the Equator. We can also measure the distance from the North Pole to the Equator, and from the North pole we travel the same distance to get to the Equator. So why, then, is the circumference different?