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Calling Flat earthers
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:18:00 AM »
One might consider that this post violates the discussion forum rules in terms of content but, should that be the case, it would prove that discussion here is a moot point.
I posted the mail below in hope of finding the leading beliefs instrumental in deciding to espouse to the flat earth philosophy. All I have found here is a bunch of round earth believers arguing and trying to prove to each other the earth isn’t flat. So, irrespective of what is stated in the questions and answers section, are there any flat earth believers here? If there aren't, I see no point in staying.

"To make the decision to support the flat earth hypothesis obviously one has to make a conscious decision to abandon what could be described as conventional theory (the majority view). It obviously takes courage and conviction to do this. I would be interested to know the key reasons of the individuals who espouse to this concept. The key facts that each considers to be the most important to them and instrumental in their decision. "