Alternative seismology
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Alternative seismology

Ocean wawes causes  to big earthquakes.

Think about the earth as a ship. It shakes and swashes.

I want to explain how systemworks, under the pretext of this topic.

This the list of countries by has earth Seismic risk.

1.    JAPAN (80)   7.08   6.7188 %
2.    INDONESIA (57)   7.05   4.7646 %
3.    CHILE (52)   7.36   4.5405 %
4.    PAPUA NEW GUINEA (49)   6.91   4.0152 %
5.    MEXICO (36)   7.19   3.0677 %
6.    TURKEY (36)   7.01   2.9942 %
7.    ALASKA (28)   7.55    2.5056 %
8.    CALIFORNIA (30)   7.01   2.4938 %
9.    PERU (27)   7.45   2.3859 %
10.    CHINA (27)   7.38   2.3621 %
11.    VANUATU (28)   6.96   2.3112 %
12.    SOLOMON ISLANDS (23)   7.03   1.9175 %
13.    IRAN (22)   7.09   1.8499 %
14.    SUMATRA (20)   7.77    1.8428 %
15.    RUSSIA (20)   7.43   1.7621 %
16.    GREECE (19)   7.06   1.5902 %
17.    TAIWAN (18)   7.21   1.5392 %
18.    FIJI (18)   6.99   1.4918 %
19.    PHILIPPINES (16)   7.17   1.3601 %
20.    NEW ZEALAND (16)   7.16   1.3589 %

You can find out same list at: http://www.world-earthquakes.com/index.php?option=sta

Lets examine the countries in the list one by one, depends on "ship" theory.

First we should thik the earth as a ship that floating in the sea. The sea waves beats to edges. These beats cause to shaking. On the other way, the ship getting water from mediterranian area.

1    JAPAN : Is in the edge of the earth. So  the waves transfer energy by multiplying.
2.    INDONESIA: Is in the edge of the earth.
3.    CHILE : Is in the edge of the earth.
4.    PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Is in the edge of the earth.
5.    MEXICO : Is in the edge of the earth.
6.    TURKEY *: ...    We will examine it later. *
7.    ALASKA (28): Is in the edge of the earth.
8.    CALIFORNIA : Is in the edge of the earth.
9.    PERU (27) Is in the edge of the earth.
10.    CHINA (27) Is in the edge of the earth.
11.    VANUATU Is in the edge of the earth.
12.    SOLOMON ISLANDS Is in the edge of the earth.
13.    IRAN (22)*: ...    We will examine it later. *
14.    SUMATRA (20) Is in the edge of the earth.
15.    RUSSIA (20) Is in the edge of the earth.
16.    GREECE (19)*: ...    We will examine it later. *
17.    TAIWAN (18) Is in the edge of the earth.
18.    FIJI (18) Is in the edge of the earth.
19.    PHILIPPINES Is in the edge of the earth.
20.    NEW ZEALAND Is in the edge of the earth.

Lets examine other 3 countries:

6.    TURKEY
13.    IRAN
16.    GREECE

Since tousends of years Euro-Africa land crashed and got water. Then Mediterranian sea occured. Water is continue the way till that will destroy Greece-Turkey-Iran line. Will make them smaller like center America. In the other say the Turkey side of the ship is sinking in the water.

This is the sismology map that you can use it as an alternative theory.

For perspective of round map:

This map taken from here: http://earthquaketrack.com/

The situation is clear.

Notice: The list contain risk more than 6.5 of earthquakes. Richter scale 1 degrees decreases but power 10 level decreasing. So the less earthquakes are weak as like the sway of the ship; don't effect important.

For example 6.5 richter is 10 level more than 5.5 richter. And 7,5 richter is 100 level more than 5,5.


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Re: Alternative seismology
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Your "Ship theory" has a couple of major flaws and is very vague into how waves cause earthquakes. Is all landmass the ship? If so, why would the water effect it if it's connected to the ocean floor? How come most of the energy everywhere is transferred via erosion? Why isn't every coastal country experiencing major earthquakes? How do you explain the Eurasian weak-point? How are the waves generated?

I'm going to come onto that last question as it poses really big issues. Waves are formed mainly by wind which itself is formed by high and low air pressure. If you look at global water currents, you can see a general pattern along the world. This is caused by the equator being in a band of high pressure. Around the tropics lies bands of low pressure. As air rushes to fill this low pressure, it creates strong winds. AKA, the trade winds .

Thus, as wind creates waves, there is no way that the waves can come up from the south pole.

Secondly, you make a point of the countries at most risk of earthquakes are not on the fault lines. Well, actually, California is directly on the San Andreas fault line
But, most countries cannot as the fault lines are underwater. The Marianas trench off the coast of Japan is an example of a destructive fault line and is one of the most active fault lines. Earthquakes are hardly ever directly over the fault, but occur around it. If you look at a tectonic map and your list, next to all lie near a fault line.

There is physical evidence supporting the existing hypothesis, whereas your 'ship theory' is difficult to prove.

I know this is an old-ish post but i had to do it.
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