Re: Why should think NASA and ISIS together?
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Your mission is digress the issue and kidding. If you don't, why nobody don't show everbody answer this question?

I'm asking again: "Where are the invoices proves spending 19 billion dollars? " Show us.

File an access to information request.  you probably won't get invoices for every supplier expense but you could probably get some.

Most of them must be accessible. If not, it isn't auditable.

All of them are accesible to an auditor.  All I meant was, if you requested $19B worth of back up for expenses to be delivered to your civilian address the government would rightly want to see if that request could be narrowed to something a little more manageable so that your desire to prove them a fraud didn't cost them too much time and money.

I don't see any invoices.

Where did you look?

For example in Turkey we have two establishments that checks the other establishments. One of them is "devlet denetleme kurumu" (state supervisory authority) and the other one is Turkiye Istatistik kurumu (TUIK) (Turkish Statistical Institute).

If you want to see  Who bought what, then everybody can join the TUIK and see which establishment bought or sold what. The other establishment that  (state supervisory authority) publishes reports by monitoring establishment each year and publish them to parliament. Nowadays a bit problem occurred on that reports. Anyway.

For example if i want to see how Turkish government supporting terrorism, then i can join the site TUIK and showing you this report:

This is basic and understandable for everyone. (diger atesli silahlar means = guns and rifles). It is clearly seems which money gone to where. Or what we sold and got how many dollars.

I'm asking that which establishment checks NASA and where is the reports? How can we see the bills? Is NASA transparent and auditable or not?

Did you look here?

who showed that i didn't look.  :)


Re: Why should think NASA and ISIS together?
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I'm sorry there is a missing dot on this issue. Which argument signs that ISIS and NASA connection.

This is a news:

This news about ISIS money.

This is the picture of that money:

It is enough have a brain to think:

1- A terrorist organization
2- Killing hundreds of tousends people by the name of "Allah" (god)
3- Using a flag that has the name of "Allah" and the signatur of Muhammed
4- Claim that they are doing everything for Allah

After all, same terrorist organizatin Mints it's own money and surprise the one side of the money is a wheat photo and the other side is "Globe Earth Map".

Why is the globe earth map interesting? Because actually it is a "Thank-you gift to NASA". So don't you still understand?