Re: What is the Advantage of a Globe Theory?
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10-11km isn't high enough, and of course you'll dismiss evidence from higher altitudes as being manipulated, because it's convenient to do so.

That doesn't explain this video..
Or is about 2km enough to make that kind of difference? Either footage could've been manipulated as I did not run the experiment, and yes it is more convenient to just watch a youtube video than build a rocket, I'd bet the only time you've seen outer space is through a video too.

You know what? Unlike many of the flat earthers in here, I actually take it further. That's why I have posted quite a lot of money in a association of volunteers and like-minded Round Earth "believers" to provide true evidence.

Today, the first of 11 packages with equipment arrived.

We will start building and testing the equipment, and will do a blog and multiple videos about what we intend to do, and also, dismiss any future accusations that we use fish-eye lenses etc. for our experiment.

As we do everything ourselfs, down to the actual propellant for the SRB, there will be no doubt that we aren't using "manipulated" materials.

Ultimately, we will in a course of approx. 10 hours, livestream the assembly, the launch etc. The tiny SRB (solid rocket booster) will be used to bring our experiment even higher than helium balloons will normally do. Our plan is to ignite the rocket as soon as the sensors detect our balloon popping, giving us, ultimately 10-15km worth of extra altitude.

Our goal is 48 km (157.480ft)
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Re: What is the Advantage of a Globe Theory?
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You and I have butt heads before about being in the Navy and not believing in a round Earth. Do you realize the fire control radar, on the Sea Sparrow GMLS, has a surface line of sight out past 30 nautical miles with a 2 degree pencil beam? In fact, It can actually track almost double that range, but you didn't hear that from me. That certainly would not be possible on a round Earth. I myself actually worked on a guided missile launching system that it's radar had a surface range of over 20+ nautical miles and that was back in the early 70's. You can believe the Earth is round all you want, but out to sea it is definitely flat as it can be.

Here's a question for Yendor, the guided missile expert,  why do Exocet missiles fly so low?   
Can that fire control radar detect an Exocet flying at 1-2M 1000kph+ at 20+ nautical miles out?

I'm not a guided missile expert. I worked on the missile launching system. I'm not familiar with the Exocet missile. however, if it is like the Tomahawk cruise missile it flies low to try and prevent search radar from seeing it. Fire control radar does not come into play until the ship's surface/air search radar spots a possible threat. The answer to your question is probably so with today's modern radars. If the search radar sees it, the fire control radar can track it. Thanks for your question.