Artist looking for FE collaborators for an art project
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Hello Flatearthers

I am a London based artist and curator and wanted to get in touch with members of the Flat Earth Society about a project I am currently developing.

The project explores scientific authority and the limits of the accepted narrative. I am especially interested in ideas that are considered to be outside of mainstream science and the reasons why we regard them unfeasible, while freely accepting other theories.

Flat Earth theory is, naturally, key to my investigation. However, while curious about the actual science, I am mostly interested in how it became excluded from mainstream scientific discourse and the possible voice that Flatearthers can have in the conversation.
As an artist, I am also interested in collaborative work and the way artistic authorship can be extended and shared with participants and collaborators. 

I am currently exploring conceptual ways to portray all these notions and one idea I have is to recreate the opening scenes of the 1633 trial of Galileo, where he is accused of challenging the mainstream science of his days. My motivation is to explore the response of the scientific, political and religious authority (at the time all rolled into one) to this challenge, their inflexibility and their violent action to crush any opposition that would risk their position of complete power.
While, of course, being aware of the tension between Galileo's ideas and Flat Earth theory, my main focus is the wider conflict between mainstream and alternative narratives, rather than the details of each scientific idea.

All this leads me to ask if any members of the Flat Earth Society would be interested in collaborating with me on this project.
This will include recording a reading of the trial's opening scenes - covering the accusation of challenging the authorities, rather than any scientific discussion - and agreeing for the recording to be included in a publicly displayed art work.
As I am still developing the project, it is difficult to say at this stage what exact shape it will take - probably a sound or a moving image installation - and the final piece will be very much informed by the nature of the audio recording.

I would be very interested to hear ideas from members and am, of course, very open to other suggestions about how a collaboration could evolve and happy to answer any questions.

Many thanks,

- Some images from my research project so far (mainly featuring Hollow Earth at this stage) are saved on , where you can find more information about my work as a curator and my contact details.


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Re: Artist looking for FE collaborators for an art project
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I bet Thork would be glad to help you.  He loves art.