Confused, please help.
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I will get straight to the point.
My whole life I have not been sure whether the earth is round or flat.
In school people told me that it is round, my parents have also said so whenever I asked them.
Due to this, I have always held the outward appearance that I too share this belief.

But inward...I am not sure.
My grandparents on my mother's side have always told me that the earth is flat, and that this is the way that God made it.
They have explained this to me through the scriptures.
Their pastor also holds this belief, though I have not yet consulted with him.

I now want to convince myself of the truth, one way or another.
After a google search I found this site, and hopefully someone here can aid me in finding out what's true.
Please don't patronize me, I only want an explanation that makes sense.

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Re: Confused, please help.
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While scripture does support the notion of a Flat Earth, that is not our main source of evidence by any means. There is observational and experimental evidence that also proves the Earth is flat.

I would recommend browsing our wiki for the basics, and then following up with us if you have any questions. You will find that many of us have different theories on how the flat Earth works, but we all share the same goal:  spreading the truth about the Earth's true shape.


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Re: Confused, please help.
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Burp. OK cheers Vauxhall. I'm avoiding the shills at the moment. The only guy I trust on here is Tom Bishop, I remember reading threads back in 2008 and he was kicking RE'ers arses I know that. They never had anything, he always slapped them down lol.
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