Research for school
« on: May 26, 2021, 09:55:16 PM »
Hi there! I'm new to the flat earth society, and would like to know more information about it! I'm doing a project for school, just an informative presentation on our flat earth, and was wondering if anyone can give me information about the history of The Conspiracy and maybe just some broad general information about what our earth looks like. I tried doing my own research through google but it looks like the government might have been suppressing my searches so I couldn't find anything other than why the flat earth isn't real.

Re: Research for school
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The wiki here is a great place to start!  Here is a page on “the conspiracy”, however chances are it isn’t anything like you’d expect.  Humanity requires no conspiracy to be consistently stupid and wrong as it historically always is; we require no help!

Don’t just read that one page though, the entire wiki is well worth going through! Just keep in mind that it is a compilation of many different perspectives and ideas, not a bible or textbook.