Sun and empyrical demonstration against FE
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Today I'm going to demonstrate that according to everyday's observation made myself and by every human over the Earth surface, the Sun, Moon and Planets orbyt around the north pole in the flat earth, is wrong, contradictory with the reality.
Due to this, every hypothesys in the FE model derived from (or using as base) the orbyt of such bodies, becomes automatically invalidated, such as the Shadow Object, the Time Zones, the Seasons, the Close Planets Elongation, etc...

So, lets get into matter.

First we will start reviewing what the Flat Earth model teaches us about the Sun orbyt.

According to the most accepted model of the FE, the Sun (and the Moon and Planets) rotates around an axis that is perpendicular to the Arctic. He (the Sun) rotates in a fixed plane that is parallel to the Earth Surfate in their Flat Earth.

The TFES wikia depicts it with the next animation graphic:

According to this, the Sun will be moving in the same movement plane respect to the earth surface along the day and year. The only change is the radius of the orbyt, explaining the seasons this way, but other that this, the Sun's orbyt doesn't have any other change.
What this means is: no matter the time of the day or the day of the year, we will always see the sun at the same height respect to the surface (or respect to any given point in the surface) and respect to the horizon.

But also we can clearly deduct that from a tall mountain, for example the topmost part of the Everest, where there are no buildings or any other obstruction interrupting our horizon view, we will be able to see the Sun when it is midday in the Everest, but also when it is midday in New York.
It is possible that someone can argue that the atmosphere thickness and low transparency, as well as the weather conditions or the atmosphere distortion or other similar effects, doesn't allow us to see the sun even with a normal telescope or our unaided eyes, but even if we couldn't see it, we can observe other sun radiation like X-Rays or any other radiation, which is unaffected by atmospheric distortion or low transparency, so with any appropiate equipment, we will be able to observe the sun from the Everest when it is in New York.

If we take the previous animation and change the perspective, we get the next:

Here, the white thick line represents the supposed flat earth, the red line is the orbyt of the sun around the North Pole movement axis.

If we accept as truth the FE theory about the Sun's orbyt, now it is clear that an observer located in the left of the Earth surface, can see or detect the Sun when along its whole orbyt, without changing his observation possition.

But actually, the FE model states as universal truth this hypothesys without any kind of proof, not even photographs, radiation scanners, radio receivers, not even any kind of mathematical model that explains not only the circular movement of the Sun, but also explains why this movement is round, by which force or mechanism the Sun keeps "tied" to the orbyt instead of being thrown by centrifugal force, or even by which force or mechanism the Sun orbyt radius changes along the year to produce the seasons.

But anyway, if we accept that hypothesys without any proof because "yes", then again, the reality is showing us a Sun's behavior that clearly contradicts what the FE hypothesys says about the Sun orbyt.

Demonstrating this is as easy as tracking the Sun movement respect  the horizon, which anyone can do from his/her home:

Lets check the next image:

Here, we can see how everyday the sun appears from low in the horizon, seems to go up respect the horizon, and then starts descending towards the horizon.
Of course, we don't know if the sun is closer or farther respect us, because we cannot directly see the change in size of the Sun (it can be measured with other methods, but this is not the matter of this topic now). What we see is that the Sun, along the day, seems to be closer or farther from the horizon line, instead of being closer or farther from just us.

So, the Flat Earth model predicts a Sun possition and orbyt that doesn't matches what we see everyday.

Conclussion: due to what I demonstrated before, the Sun's, Moon's and Planet's Orbyts predicted by the FE model are incorrectly defined, besides that, every hypothesys that needs the FE Sun/Moon/Planets orbyts for its explanation or demonstration, is now invalidated too since they start from an invalid hypothesys.