A few question about the flat earth theory
« on: June 02, 2020, 11:17:00 AM »
First of all, I've been searching for the past hour for a place I can ask these questions and get a legit answer but every forum or Discord server I went to it was either there were all trolls in there or I was immediately banned for believing the earth is round. (Sorry for my grammer in adavnce)

Now I'll start with some basic questions (I'm sorry if you get asked them a lot of times but I couldn't find any satisfying answer on the internet):
1. You do believe that all the other stars and planets are round (correct me if I'm wrong), Doesn't it seems suspicious that only our planet is flat?
2. If the earth is flat, it doesn't seem strange to you that no one has ever tried to go to the edges and see what's out there? or even measure the earth?
3. You don't believe gravity exists (again, correct me if I'm wrong), so how does all the other stars and planets stay up in space?
4. In this reality you believe in, NASA and all the governments and stuff lie to us all, you gave clear motives for them to do so, but do you really think it is possible to make a thousand of people maintain a lie throughout decades without ANYONE come clean and expose them? I mean I can say for myself that if I went to work at NASA or something like that and found out they lie to us all I would've exposed them no matter how much money or whatever else they'd offer me for my silence, and I'm sure there are people who works there that prefer shedding light on the truth than getting any amount of money to lie.

Now, I'm really curious to read your answers to these questions but I am even more curious about your way of thinking, so let me ask this question:

There's a principle called Occam's razor which I'm sure most of you heard of, and for those who didn't, it basicly says that if there are 2 or more accepted explanations of a phenomenon, the one with the fewest assumptions is probably the right one. For example lets say a man suddenly falls down from the sky onto the earth, some people say it is actually an alien who was traveling the space and fell down on earth. Other people say he just flew out of an airplane. It takes less assumptions to explain the man flew out of an airplane and thus makes it the most probable explanation.

Now let's take a 20yo man, who never ever said heard or even thought about space, physics, earth, or anything in that matter.
Ask him: "Is the earth flat or round?", he'll say that he honestly have no idea because he never gave that a thought.
Now present him with evidences of both theories, show him all the evidences you have on why the earth is flat, and why the earth is round.
He will 100% trust and believe in the round earth theory, because it takes so much more assumptions to claim that "NASA lies" than to say "NASA researched found out".

It almost seems like you just really want that there will be a big conspiracy and control over all earth citizens by some massive corporate, like some people wait for something bad to happen like a terrorist attack or a death of a celebrity so they can share it on their social platforms with crying and broken heart emojies.
It seems that if you really wanted to learn about our reality and about space and physics and looked at all the evidence (both flat and round earth theories) from an unbiased position, and ask yourselves "what is the shape of the earth?" and "is gravity really exists?" instead of "why the earth is flat?" and "why NASA lies to us all?", you would've change your minds.

The question I'm asking here is what do you think about what I've just said?

I want to clarify, the last bit might sound a bit offensive, or criticizing you as flat earth believers, and I'm genuinely sorry if that is the case.
I'm not saying you that is who you are. I'm saying that is how you seem to be through MY way of thinking about learning.
I want to read what you have to say about all that because I am really curious about your way of thinking.

Thank you for your time, I hope you will take me seriously and again, I'm sorry if anyone felt offended or criticized, I didn't mean to do that.