Holographic universe (Round sky Squared land)
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The heavens are not far from me and revolves around me.
The ancient east Asian 'round sky squared land' is a representation of it.
It is possible because the celestial bodies are holograms.
Hologram is an interference phenomenon of waves.
This world is full of waves.
Therefore, Newtonian gravity that sees the celestial bodies as stones is a complete fiction.
How come huge rocks float on our heads?
Satellites are possible by waves full of sky.
Solar winds and cosmic rays are a kind of powerful waves.
If I were on the equator on the Spring Equinox, the sun would move a perfect semicircle around me.

If the radius R is 6,360 kilometers, the distance the sun moves is about 20,000 kilometers.
It takes 12 hours.

The semicircle of the sun's track could be drawn on a flat surface.
At 6 a.m. when the sun rises, the sun appears to be in the position of 1 to the observer in the middle.
However, it appears to be on top of the head of the observer in the position of 1' at the same time.
Similarly at sunset, the sun appears to be in position 3 to the middle observer,
but it appears to be on the top of the head of the observer in 3' at the same time.

This wave is repeated equally to form a circle.
The circumference is the same as the circumference of the earth.
In other words, the circumference of the earth is a cycle that the sun's wave completes.
This is possible because the sun is a hologram.
All celestial bodies are holograms.
The hologram is made by the interference of three waves.
Likewise, this world is a beautiful harmony created by the heaven, land and human.
I think that It has something to do with the Trinity.

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