Zetetic and Theoretic, Definition
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I had a good look and could not find this topic elsewhere.
I would like to discuss something Tom gave me a link to.
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For now, I would like to look at the first paragraph. As looking at it all will take time.
"THE term Zetetic is derived from the Greek verb Zeteo; which means to search, or examine; to proceed only by inquiry; to take nothing for granted, but to trace phenomena to their immediate and demonstrable causes. It is here used in contradistinction from the word "theoretic," the meaning of which is, speculative--imaginary--not tangible,--scheming, but not proving."

Now, without knowing the bias of the writer, you can see that 'Zetetic' is getting a glowing review as a term, while 'Theoretic' has fallen at the first hurdle without its Greek definition. Theoretic is also in quotes for some reason, but that seems to be a running theme. I looked these words up, to help you, the reader.
Zetetic comes from the Greek word, zeteo (zetein) for 'to seek' (or just 'seek'). This is correct for the above until after the word "examine". It can also come from the French word, Zététique, which is a term for the application of the scientific method when investigating allegedly "paranormal" phenomena (ty google). 
Theoretic comes from the Greek word, theoretos for 'that may be seen'. This does not come close to the above. The french, theoretique is just a direct translation of the English.

It does not seem to be easy to contradict the terms for 'to seek' (zeteo) and 'that may be seen' (theoretos), but the writer has done so by reinterpreting the definition of both. Zetetic is redefined as getting to some sort of ultimate answer by ignoring what is taken for granted, while Theoretic is redefined as imaginary, intangible and never quite getting there. It is even defined as scheming, which seems wholly underhanded. I know who i'd vote for.

I would like to stand up for 'Theoretic', though. It has gotten us far and has been widely adopted everywhere, even here. Flat Earth Theory, a rose by any other name.
Zeteory? Zeteteory? The flat earth zetetique? That french has me worried a bit too.

This is just the first chapter's first paragraph, but I would like to look into the others when I have time.
The end result should help the zetetic experiment post...
...and then go on to help the wiki.