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Flat Earth Projects / Re: The Atlantic Split
« on: August 21, 2020, 07:23:25 PM »

The propagation of maps which (essentially) lie about the relative sizes of all countries/continents within the northern hemisphere seems to be the basis of something beyond "a convenience for sailors", it's the basis of covering up the truth.

Note that there is only a small amount of shrinkage in the countries within the southern hemisphere. And the more advanced of these are in the lowest lines of latitude.

I would conclude that maps like these are very favorable to the FE assertion.

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: ISS International Space Station
« on: August 21, 2020, 07:14:35 PM »
Q) How do you know when a NASA representative is lying?
A) Their lips are moving!

Seriously though, NASA is the punchline for a bad joke. Their own people seem to admit that they can't go back to the moon since they lost that cool technology from back in the '60s. o rly? Back in the Apollo days they just casually-strolling-Decaprio'd a tinfoil-covered garage-maker's project through the Van Allen radiation belt... like a boss. /snl But now NASA says that it's a challenge. So of course they don't grin and say that Apollo 11 was faked (oh, no!) They just lost that technology, yeah..., yeah...

So if the ISS and NASA are exactly what we're told they are, then why was NASA caught in yet another green-screen fake while George Bush (41) was touring the facility?

There are countless faked videos which have been reviewed, revealing the fancy belts and guy wires to pretend to be weightless. What would be awesome would be for someone like myself to be the random caller on the line talking to one of these astronots: "okay, take the pen out of your pocket for me. thanks. hold it out at arm's length. now drop it." In this case, they wouldn't have anticipated the need to add a guy wire on some arbitrary object within the shot and so of course they'd have to fake a drop in the video feed rather than the tell-tale drop of a pencil as seen in Florida or Houston or California.

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: Weather balloon from Antarctica
« on: August 21, 2020, 06:55:24 PM »
In the Antarctica version of this and within a FE context, your weather balloon should perhaps bump into a containment wall if it flies directly at something which should be the South Pole. If you think about fluid dynamics for a moment I would think that it would be exceedingly unlikely that the balloon would on its own take this path. If there is a boundary wall then wind currents should force anything traveling towards that boundary to be deflected at a ninety-degree angle from its southward path. The balloon might be reasonably trapped in something like an event horizon and circling at a radius of perhaps ten miles from this boundary and at a speed which would likely be risky for the materials which compose that balloon. Mapping software would show this as a tight circle around that point. My guess would be that it would be unlikely that it should escape this zone.

And then there's the North Pole. From what I understand this is restricted air space. But an unmanned balloon can't respond to threats from the FAA or any other entity. Someone would either blow it out of the sky or it would fly its course. In this particular case—and again considering wind phenomenon within a FE context—the prevailing wind currents probably would not allow this flight path since you'd have these curved wind paths at lower/higher lines of latitude at any given point. You'd always be cheated by tangential winds thwarting you from your intended flight path.

In short, I'm not convinced that an unpowered craft could disprove RE at either pole. An unmanned balloon released in Rio de Janeiro and sighted/recovered in Africa with accurate timing might then be compared/contrasted to a twin balloon released at the similar line of latitude in the northern hemisphere. The flight times and calculated distances should be the same for both. In the FE context, we would see that the southern hemisphere version is five or six times the expected distance and the theory could be proved in this way.

I would say that unless your father routinely flies in the southern hemisphere then he likely wouldn't realize what's going on (within a FE context). A pilot in Rio de Janeiro and wishing to fly eastward "straight" to Cape Town would definitely get themselves into trouble in an FE reality, running out of fuel as the likeliest scenario.,%20Brazil%20(GIG),to:Cape%20Town,%20South%20Africa%20(CPT),departure:09/25/2020TANYT&leg2=from:Cape%20Town,%20South%20Africa%20(CPT),to:Rio%20de%20Janeiro,%20Brazil%20(GIG),departure:09/29/2020TANYT&passengers=adults:1,children:0,seniors:0,infantinlap:Y&options=cabinclass:economy&mode=search&

For example, we see the (only) really available flight options in Expedia: multiple stops (Rio -> Sao Paulo, BR -> Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -> Cape Town, South Africa. I defy anyone to try to find a non-stop flight from the southern area of South America to the southern regions of Africa; the flight will always be shaped like the carat symbol on your keyboard. I would love if a cocky round-Earth fanatic were forced to jump into a plane with 120% of the fuel necessary in a RE scenario to fly this itinerary. They would be betting their life and safety on their certainty. And in a FE scenario they would be in the drink and in very cold waters.

Watch especially the dual camera lenses versions of this. The "for the public" views of the Earth are done through fisheye lens. Freeze-frame at 2:44 into this when the hatch opens and the standard lens camera behind the jumper sees the real story. You clearly see the unaltered image of the Earth's horizon and it's not the fake-curvy one that results from the ubiquitous fisheye version you always see from NASA, for example.

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