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Flat Earth Theory / Re: geometry can prove it
« on: August 30, 2015, 01:05:41 PM »
What we need is say 100 volunteers from different parts of the world who have access to a spot where a 1.0m long (39.3inches) pole can be positioned vertically. These volunteers would need  to give their exact location on the Earth including elevation above sea level  to the nearest mile and measure the length and direction  of their shadow at   say    06.00  09.00,  12.00  15.00 and 18.OO and 21.00 hours GMT on two or three specified days.  Their readings would then be input into a computer which would work out the elevation and position  of the Sun at the specified times and the theoretical length and directions of the shadows based on a flat earth and a round earth.  The computer would compare the measured values with the theoretical values and  I think should be able to tell us which is the best fit.   Someone who is competent with the maths and computers would have to be found and it could  make a good project for an undergraduate in a University.  Just an idea     

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What keeps the sun & moon from falling?
« on: August 18, 2015, 10:08:10 PM »
The biblical answer to this question is partly what follows  and partly what I have learnt from others.
The Sun and Moon are SET in the firmament which is a hollow sphere of ice with an external diameter I would say some 8500 miles and a wall thickness of about 5miles (I am guessing these figures) Both the Sun and Moon  are NOT very heavy as they are gas spheres about 32 miles in diameter coated with a thick layer of some kind of ceramic dust.  They are kept in position by centrifugal forces as the firmament rotates once every 24 hours. They are merely receptacles for the gases they contain. The Sun is subject  to a 'greater'  electrical current and the Moon is also subject to a 'lesser' electric current which comes from the electricity in the firmament itself. The waters above the firmament keep both cool.  The current acts on the gases and the spheres emit  electromagnetic waves which in the case of the wave from the Sun includes white light as well as other frequencies including microwaves which I think is responsible for heating up the atmosphere of the Earth and the land surface  as is passes through.  This is not my idea. I have come accross two or three books  on the Electrical Heavens and Electrical Sky.  The Sun we see each day does not have a nuclear furnace, is not 93miles away and is not a million miles in diameter as we have been led to believe. It is no more complicated than an enormous gas filled flourescent lamp and works in much the same way and has an inexhaustable energy input to keep it going. .         

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What keeps the sun & moon from falling?
« on: August 13, 2015, 10:41:26 AM »
The idea that the Sun and Moon are attached to a rotating dome is biblically correct  and I think this is true.  But clearly we are not dealing with a Sun that is 93million miles away and is a million  miles in diameter. I understand in  The 'spotlight' theory for the Sun  we are dealing with a Sun that is 32 miles in diameter and some 3000 miles away. Clearly on the Flat Earth small Sun the production of heat and light by nuclear fusion is not likely and I wondered if anyone had any ideas about how the Flat earth sun is able to produce the heat and light for the Earth without melting the dome to which it is attached     

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