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It says "Conspiracy topics belong here" so I'm posting this here.

I don't take sides in politics, so I'm not posting this to take one side or another. I'm just passing on information. Frankly I don't care what men do with their governments, because man's system of government has just about run it's course to the finish, and good riddance.

But you can probably say goodbye to this website and others like it. So all the shills here ought to be happy... that they will be losing all their freedom along with everyone else—oh, and they'll also be out of a job, lol, so I hope you got paid good for selling your soul. And maybe when this site is gone the people who let the shills run amuck will think back on how they should have grown bigger balls... before they got cut off. Well that's my two cents.

BOMBSHELL The Tyrannical TPP Deal Has Officially Been Reached

Infowars Blows The Lid Off TPP Agreement


How many (flat-earthers) here have come to believe that there must be a creator, based on the fact that the flat geocentric earth was stated first in the Bible written some 3000 years ago?

(Considering Isaiah, and Moses who wrote who wrote the book of Job, lived that far back)

It does't matter to me which god you believe (regarding the flat earth). I would just like to hear how you came to the realization that there's an intelligent being behind it all. :)

I appreciate your comments.

Flat Earth Theory / Looking for more books
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:06:29 PM »
Anyone here ever read the books by Alexander Gleason: Is the Bible from Heaven (1890) and Is the Earth a Globe? (1893).

Supposedly Gleason, a civil engineer from Buffalo, NY, tested the flatness of the surface of lake Erie and published his findings in these books.

Sure would be nice to have these in the F.E. library here.

Quite frankly, we need some solid modern water measurements, using modern state of the art surveying tools and lasers, with good video documentation and field notes. It would appear there aren't enough professional engineers interested in this subject, or willing to put their names on the line.

Flat Earth Theory / something was here. . .
« on: September 18, 2015, 07:59:56 PM »
. . . It was pretty innocent and truthful, but enemies will literally use anything against you.

Flat Earth Theory / Looking for documentation on flat "poles" and lakes
« on: September 16, 2015, 09:44:34 AM »
1. POLES: I've heard people say that the north and south ice sheets were surveyed and found to be perfectly flat. It seems that it was just after this that they started pushing the "oblate spheroid" doctrine - followed by the "pear shapediness" B.S. hoax, to allow for the north and south to be flat, while preserving the "plane-t" doctrine.

So I was wondering if anyone has some documentation on the findings of the surveyors, their data, or at least just some official article links.

2. LAKES I'm also looking for any documentation on surveys of lakes that show them to be flat. So far I've found this:

Some of the surveys make note of "the level of the lake" being "the plane." But I'm looking for less vague statements, if such exist.

Any leads are much appreciated!

Flat Earth Theory / Thoughts on Southern Lights?
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:03:18 AM »
I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but I wasn't here.

So back in 2012 these poor scientists went to the south "pole" wanting to get a look at the southern lights, but they met with disappointment.

"However, we were to be disappointed. Our predecessors here, last year’s winterers, saw nothing of the fabled lights and gave well-reasoned scientific arguments as to why we wouldn’t see them either. Even Dave, our resident Polar veteran, had only glimpsed the lights once from Rothera in his many years of coming back here."

So it seems that you can go to the north and see the northern lights every single year, year after year, with a 100% chance of seeing them. . .  But people who are "resident Polar veterans" of Antarctica go to the south year after year, and never see the southern lights.

By the way, I was in Vermont a few years ago and saw the Northern Lights from there... But these scientists on Adelaide Island never get a glimpse?

What I get from this is...

Northern Lights: Viewable every year by millions of people.

Southern Lights: Never even seen by "resident Polar veterans" returning there year after year.

To add, there are accounts throughout history of the northern lights. Their story is told in novels, songs, poems. . .

Where are the southern lights in history's account?  It seems the southern lights only exist in 21st century pictures and videos, but not on the physical earth.

TNT - Northern Lights

Flat Earth Community / If they wanna say the earth is a ball...
« on: September 06, 2015, 11:28:45 PM »
edit - so long and thanks for all the fish

Flat Earth Community / Looking for copy of Almagest
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:48:44 PM »
Ptolemy's books were written nearly two thousand years ago, they are well within public domain; and yet it doesn't appear to be downloadable for free.

I noticed that all the free versions that were available online were removed from the internet, and in 2013 a physicist uploaded "A Modern Almagest - An updated version of Ptolemy's Almagest" on the same sites where the original was removed. The "updated version" is filled with teachings contrary to Ptolemy's flat earth and geocentric views—the author has basically written his own science textbook and put Ptolemy's name on it.

It's pathetic that their ball earth doctrine can't stand in the face of accurate history, and that they have to cheat and plagiarize in order to make it hold water.

So does anyone have a PDF copy of this free domain book, where we can work out a download arrangement?

Frankly there should be a downloadable version of the Almagest on this site.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Queen Victoria
« on: September 02, 2015, 05:22:02 PM »
I read somewhere that Queen Victoria believed in the flat earth. Rowbotham himself seems to have been knighted.

I can't recall where I read about it. Does anyone know the source?

Flat Earth Theory / nothing about anything
« on: August 27, 2015, 12:53:30 AM »

Flat Earth Theory / View Distance On A Plane?
« on: August 26, 2015, 01:38:03 AM »
What's the average maximum view distance of a man looking at another man - the distance at which he is no longer seeable?

I downloaded a copy of The American Practical Nagigator, by Bowtich. The old version from around circa 1940 had a chart for "view distance" at sea, and it wasn't indoctrinated with ball earth philosophy - it gave you true view distances that, although practical and applicable, would not be possible on a ball. But the 2002 version I downloaded doesn't have that chart, instead it has a "Geographic Range" table - and the entire book is full of faulty ball earth religious teachings crap.

So unless someone here has an old version of the book...

What's agreed upon to he the maximum view distance on a flat plane?

Flat Earth Media / Nothing to see here. Move along.
« on: August 23, 2015, 07:00:49 AM »

Flat Earth Theory / (Altered Post) 4/23/16
« on: August 21, 2015, 07:48:29 PM »
Message to the hater, and lover of lies.

Satan USES those who's heart is like his own. He uses them to beat their brothers. They can often be close friends and family members.

It's no wonder why you can't not stand the magazine quotes about apostates being right among us - even though it is right from the source.

The ONLY people who HATE truthful information are those whom the truth exposes.

Those guided by truth and love have nothing to fear.

Change before it's too late.

Flat Earth Theory / You wouldn't believe it anyway. . .
« on: August 20, 2015, 12:57:59 PM »

. . . because when it comes right down to it, you already stated your conclusion before doing any research, and then you set off to find just enough evidence to support your preconception. You'll be forced to come to terms with the truth; though sadly for you it will be a humiliation at this point.

Flat Earth Theory / Question About Star Constellations
« on: August 17, 2015, 09:44:19 PM »
Before I pose my question I would like to say to the paid shills who hang out here all day and night - like it's their job.

I ALREADY KNOW THE BALL EARTH ARGUMENT! I've lived with it my whole life, so I don't care to rehash what I already know.

Therefor I do not NEED or WANT - YOUR input.

And just so you will SHUT UP! here is your view. So please SHUT UP! Thank you.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm posing my question to Flat-Earthers to explain to me THE FLAT EARTH VIEW (please refer back to the above statement if you are a ball-earther and can't keep your bloody mouth shut)..


In the winter, from what I read, there appears to be one set of constellations; but in the summer there is a completely different set of constellations. The only thing I have to confirm whether this is true or not is a) science textbooks; b) the Stallarium program, which has NASA's approval.

Note: I'm not talking about how the stars are different below, at, and above the equator. I'm talking about the star constellations changing in one location.

Has anyone done conclusive research on this subject who can guide me to the right FLAT EARTH research?

Thank you.

Flat Earth Theory / YouTube LIARS Caught In the Act
« on: August 13, 2015, 05:55:05 AM »
This proves that people are on YouTube purposely fooling people with outright lies—and we know the same LIARS are right here in the FE forums.

If they're so confident of their ball earth theories, why would they need to resort to lying?

They do it because they know they have no truly solid evidence—they have no choice but to lie, because there's no truth to be spoken on the matter.

The video uploader claims that a flight between two flight paths, which crossed over the edge of Antarctica, "debunks" the FE "long-haul" argument, and proves that the FE map is a hoax.

But here's the problem. . .

When I was doing research on the south pole stars, I began to dig into the photographers all over the internet who took these photos - many of whom are on the flickr photo sharing community. As I suspected, NONE of the people uploading photos of the south pole stars are ever ordinary people, Joe Average guy with a camera. I have files and files of all the photographers and their connections with NASA - all of them are scientists or military.

So naturally the first thing I did on the video below is to see if I could look up the man who posted the original video. The idiot wasn't even smart enough to upload it on a secondary account - he used his real name.

His name is Brenton Honeyman, and he is easy to google. He's not your average guy; definitely not the guy next door.

The first thing that tipped me off is how well traveled he is—I don't know about you, but this political system keeps me just poor enough that I can't travel the way I would like, and with all the political crap making travel difficult, you would have to have good connections to be able to travel as freely as Honeyman does. The other thing that tipped me off (other than gut instinct) is that he's flying over part of Antarctica... as if just anyone is allowed to do that with the Antarctic treaty.

He's Executive Director at ASPAC, and has definite ties with NASA and military science divisions. He and the video uploader below collaborated to put out this faux hoax video. They're a couple of skumbag liars - just like the shills here - all they can do is lie to their fellow-man. (I'm not calling everybody here shills - just the shills)

(Take note too in the first video below that the video-maker lies about the math on the distance between flight-points, as a commenter points out.)

"Building Australia's first collaborative national science communication strategy"

"Canberra science website more popular than NASA"

"Questacon is Australia's National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra"!search/profile/company?companyId=31850972&targetid=profile

"Using museums to popularize (propagandize) science and technology"

Military Experience & Background

Information for ASPAC Members

"2011 ASPAC Conference of Directors' Forum"

Polar Flight Routes Debunk the Flat Earth

Flying over Antarctica (uploaded by Brenton Honeyman)

Please move this thread to wherever it belongs.

I came up with an experiment that I would like to see performed. My own funds don't allow me to do it myself, or else I would love to oversee it. Therefor, spread this around and see if anyone is willing to make it happen.

Here are the details of the experiment:

1) Send TWO weather balloons up at the same time.

2) Both balloons have to be sent up at different locations [along the path] of the sun - one balloon in the east, and one ballon in the west. The closer to the equator this is done, the better and more conclusive the final results will be.

3) Each balloon has to be equipped with a 55mm lens camera (so as not to show a false bend to the earth), each must have a COMPASSES that can be seen through the camera; and each must have a watch to synchronize the time and date. The camera is also to be pointed straight ahead, and tilted [slightly] upward to get a better view of the sun - I notice in some videos that the sun it too high up to see it in the footage.

4) The balloons are to be sent up at just the right time of the day so that the sun will be between both balloons when they reach maximum height—therefor timing is everything in this experiment—and it may be necessary to perform the experiment a few times to get it perfect  Calculations will have to be made before sending them up as to calculate how long it will take for both balloons to rise, what the wind conditions will be like (which direction they'll be blowing), and at what point will the sun be between both balloons.

WHY this experiment is important?

The sun appears close by in many balloon launch videos. You can tell that the DIRECTION of the sun is this way or that way from the balloon; but you can never tell what the direction is, because there's no compass... therefor people just guess that it has to be this way or that, according to the current belief system.

In the currently held scientific (philosophical) model, the sun is 'rising' in the east and 'setting' in the west according to the spinning of the earth, and if you sent a balloon up and looked east or west, it would be impossible to see the sun at mid day because the sun should be [straight above you] in mid day—slightly off-center farther north or south of the equator.

But if you send one balloon up in the east, and you see the sun when looking WEST... At the same time, if the west balloon has to look toward the EAST to see the sun... this proves that the sun is physically in-between the two balloons—the compass will visually show what direction the sun is in from each balloon.

This would be IMPOSSIBLE if the sun if 93 million miles away, because at that distance the sun must be straight up no matter which direction you look.

This would prove that: a) the sun is not 93 million miles away; b) that the earth is not spinning because the sun is moving through the sky; c) yet another video of the flat horizon, and this time with a NAMED camera lens millimeter of 55, which should give the most true shape of the horizon.

IMPROVEMENTS: The only way I can think to improve this experiment is if one could have balloons sent up in the far South and far North at the same time. If each of the four balloons is looking in a different direction and seeing the sun in four direction at the same time... this would send scientists and shills in circles fumbling to explain it away! It would be hilarious!

Flat Earth Media / Illustrations for Education Purposes
« on: July 15, 2015, 01:27:40 AM »
I'm not erasing the main contents of this thread because I don't want people to read the original post. I'm deleting it for my own safety. My enemy has attempted to physically kill me in the past, vandalized thousands of dollars of my personal possessions, stolen, and attempted to bring me to complete ruin with baseless slander. He only WISHES he could have legitimate causes for his hatred (which he calls "righteous indignation" to hate without a cause) so he can use it to justify his past/present/future actions. I literally did nothing to him.

I hope you took screen shots - you'll find no more ammunition here. ;)

I'll make a new account sometime later - accounts and names are a dime a dozen, and I have no attachment to this one. I haven't even been on this site for over a year. . . when I was alerted that I was being attacked. I know how to pick my words so as not to be recognized. So have fun with your SMEAR CAMPAIGN that has been going on for so many years.

Relativity Debunked in 5 Minutes!

In 1999 scientists Lene Hau slowed down time to 30 mph. Then later she slowed light down to a full stop, and sped it back up again.

Lene Hau Slows Light in 1999

In 2011 a team of "scientists at the University of Glasgow have “for the first time,” been able to drag light by slowing it down to the speed of sound and sending it through a rotating crystal."

Scientists in Glasgow University slow down light “for the first time” in 2011

Wait a minute, I thought Lene Hau slowed down light in 1999. Then how did scientists do it "for the first time" over ten years later???

Then last year IBM discovered how to slow down light... for the first time ever. They're making a computer chip based on the technology.

IBM Slows Light “for the first time”

How many times can this be discovered "for the first time"?

Every few years some scientists “discovers for the first time” that light is not a constant. They are allowed to publish their findings. Then the scientific community lets the memory of it fade away - they sweep it under the rug. . .  until another scientists figures it out again “for the first time,” and this goes on indefinitely. They never announce it widely, and they never change their textbooks to reflect the truth - for to admit that light is not constant completely DECIMATES all that is based upon it - Things like RELATIVITY, and all their mathematical and theoretical sciences which use the “constant” of light as a stabilizer. The truth is that most of the science we think we know, is an elaborate lie hatched during the time of the end. (For true Christians, it should send up warning flags to us that Einstein proposed his theory only two years after Satan was cast down to earth.)

As the Bible states: "On the testimony of two or three witnesses every matter must be established." And here we have three witnesses that light is not a constant.

Relativity is a lie.

Light is not a constant, therefor it is impossible for E=MC2 to be a law. Light is not reliable, therefor relativity is unstable.

Newton’s observation only says that all things fall down. But it did not explain gravity. Relativity did that. But it’s a lie.

The fact that light has been proven not to be constant is to be remembered any time someone argues against flat earth theory beginning a statement with the words: “But gravity…” Ah, ah, ah, stop right there. Light is not a constant, therefor relativity is not a law - so shut up.

AETHER is what was taught before Einstein’s hoax/deception was adopted by Satan’s world. And Aether explains the effects of gravity better than gravity does - using logical reason, and not hocus pocus mysterious occultism.

Aether Explained in Simple Terms

Before Einstein came along and introduced the false doctrine of relativity, people believed in the Aether. It can be read about in many of the science textbooks dating from the late 1800s and earlier. But then when relativity was introduced, the Aether suddenly disappeared - in our minds.

1)  According to the view of scientists and chemists, gasses are liquids, and visa-versa—this is a reasonable conclusion as the two are interchangeable—this fact is not disputed.

2)  Liquids have weight, and many gasses also have weight. "Mass" is not necessary to consider, because mass in itself does not describe weight, which is a combination of several components = size, density, and elemental composition.

Example a:  A large freighter ship has great mass, and weights hundreds of tons; yet its mass alone does not dictate its position in the water - this is because the ship has less overall density - it is filled with a lot of air, and the air weighs less than water.

Example b:  To explain how a heavy metal freighter doesn’t sink, think of a balloon like you would ride in.

The membrane making up the walls of the balloon naturally sink to the ground, along with the basket, and machinery, and the people inside. This is because the balloon and all its components/passengers together are heavier than the weight of the air, or Ether. But if we were to fill the balloon with enough air to oppose the weight of the Ether, and then we sealed or trapped the air inside so that the air can not escape, the balloon begins to rise. Hot air and some gasses are lighter than air, and so they “float” upward in air. So if we collect and trap enough of these lighter gasses inside an upside-down scoop or bowl, the light gasses PUSH the heavy object upward—so long as there is more light air than there is weight to the balloon. The same principle works in a sealed balloon, like a zeppelin, so long as the light air is trapped inside, and not allowed to escape upward, where it naturally wants to PULL the balloon.

We could reverse this whole process in water by filling a boat with air—this is not difficult to do as the air naturally fills in the boat. But the boat must be upright so as to form a scoop or bowl to hold the air (the exact opposite of trapping air in a balloon). Now the weight of the boat wants to PUSH downward; but the air it is holding in its scoop prevents the boat from being pushed into the water. The air pushes downward on top of the water; but the water is far denser and prevents it from going any farther down.

Example c: Anyone who has poured water onto oil knows that one is heavier than the other. The lighter liquid rises upward, and the heavier one sinks downward—at the same time the weight of the lighter liquid weighs down upon the heavier liquid below it. This is the same thing happening in the air when one thing which is lighter rises up, whereas other things (such as ourselves) sink downward. Remember again that all liquids are gasses, and visa versa, as they can all be converted and compressed.

3)  Also in the atmosphere, aside from the a) gasses, we have two other things: b) water vapor and clouds, which themselves can weigh many tons; c) there are billions and billions of dust particles. If we didn't have all these particles, then sound could not travel via displacement.

4)  All of these components combined have a total weight  ...  and all this weight is above us,  and on top of uspushing downward.  To conclude that all this weight on us is weightless, is absurd and unscientific. The very air around us is heavy, and this makes up the Ether (in the Bible Exodus 10:21 explains that the darkness has greater weight). And to test this out using a scientific method, all we need to do is bake a cake at high altitude - we observe and witness, with our own eyes, that there is less weight on us (and the cake) the higher we travel... the very same way we would experience going deeper under water where the weight of the water above us gets heavier and heavier the farther down we descend.

Note: Solid liquid also makes up the Ether. Remember that when you go swimming. Because liquids and gasses are regarded as the same and interchangeable, water is just a more solid gas, and the elements floating above you are just lighter parts of the ether, whereas the water is a heavier part of the ether. Anything which is heavier than the gasses is weighted downward to the earth; yet if that object is lighter than the water, it stops sinking right there. Again, the same thing is witnessed in oil and vinegar, where the lighter liquid is prevented from permanently sinking past the heavier one. In the same way, we humans are lighter (less dense) than water, but heavier than air.

That aether is both air and liquid, this also makes aether a regular part of your nutritious diet!

And because "you are what you eat," and humans are mostly water, this makes humans a composite of two primary ingredients: Aether and Soil - or as the Bible puts it, clay. Hence, we are the earth and we are the aether—we are water, air, and earth.

(To note here as well is that God blew air into Adam's nostrils to bring him to life and make him into a living spirit. The Hebrew word for air is neʹphesh, and the Hebrew word for spirit is ruʹach. Scholars agree that these words apply that man and animals ARE souls; and not that they possess a soul which departs after death. Man IS a soul. This is why the online Strong's Hebrew interlinear conveniently omits the last few words of Genesis 2:7 from the translation into Hebrew, because the only way to get their manmade doctrinal view of the immortal soul to fit the Bible, it to avoid discussing the Hebrew word origins and manning.)

5) Density deserves a special mention. Gasses which are lighter than air, have particles with less density - hence they FLOAT UP in the Ether around and above us. This is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than what we observe under water with objects which are less dense, and contain air-bubbles. A sponge has very little density, and therefor holds a lot of air, which floats above water. But if you were to squeeze all the air out of a sponge, it would sink, now having more density and no air.

In water anyway - THE MORE DENSE - THE LESS AIR WITHIN - THE MORE IT FLOATS. Simple as that!

Scientific Conclusion: All of this has been proven. Scientists have written many papers on this both in the past and in recent times—in fact the Aether is a subject which has found new popularity in scientific circles in very recent years; but the scientific community as a whole does not acknowledge the findings. The lie/hoax of relativity is the foundation of the proposal that energy = MASS & the speed of light "constant," squared. But as we see, that's all a lie - a Satanic lie I must add... an "inspired utterance, and teachings of demons."

Consider that a fish doesn’t view water as we do. To the fish, water is just the air it moves though and breaths. When the fish is taken out of the water it views the air much the same way we view water - rather than the fish feeling the weightlessness of the air, it feels a heavy weight resting upon it - hence the air is heavy to a fish, whereas the water is weightless. We often perceive or imagine the air around us as nothing; but it is as liquid as water, it only has different density.

The Satanic Rule of Reversal

Aleister Crowley, the most infamous occultist, Satan worshiper, and 33rd degree mason, wrote “the law of reversal" based on Satan's practice of reversing everything God does and says.

The law of Aether says that all things are pushed down to the ground. Satan reverses this so that rather than all things being [pushed] down, now all things are [pulled] down (in our minds). Jehovah says, not once, but three times in his Word that he puts bars and a boundary on the sea so that it may not pass. Satan has removed the bars (in our minds), and made God's view of the world look like a lie. The term “the ends of the earth” appears in God’s Word 41 times, and some of those times it is speaking about the physical earth. Satan has removed the ends and boundaries by making the earth round (in our minds). Where God said in his word that he put a measuring line "across" the earth, Satan has put a measuring line around the earth. God and Moses both knew the word for sphere (dur), but Jehovah God had Moses write the word “round” (ḥūḡ or chug). Satan’s teaching makes God a liar. And this makes Satan very happy... and even more so when [we] repeat Satan’s lies for him. (Isaiah 40:22; Isaiah 22:18; Psalm 33:7; Proverbs 8:29; Job 38:8; Job 38:5; Job 28:24; Jeremiah 10:12-13; Job. 38:26; Matthew 24:30)

(1 John 4:1-3)  “Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired statement, but TEST the inspired statements to see whether they originate with God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you know that the inspired statement is from God: Every inspired statement that acknowledges Jesus Christ as having come in the flesh originates with God. But every inspired statement that does not acknowledge Jesus does not originate with God. Furthermore, this is the antichrist’s inspired statement that you have heard was coming, and now it is already in the world.”

Note first that a true Christian is to “test” an inspired utterance to determine whether it comes from God or Satan. Now ask yourself: “Did I thoroughly test the globe earth model, or did I just accept it as truth?” If you had once tested it long ago, in the light of new evidence does it now deserve reexamination? For instance, had you known that Nicolaus Copernicus was a Jesuit Catholic Clergyman of the Society of Jesus, would you have had a better indication that his teaching springs from false religion, Babylon the Great?

Secondly, according to 1 John above, does the globe earth model promote faith in God, or does it allow for the ungodly doctrine of evolution to exist? If the theory proves God a liar, then it is not from God, but is from his enemy.

Regarding 1 John 4:1, whenever [the world's] scientific community tells us what to think about creation, they apply themselves to that scripture. They are telling us that this is how the creation is. To Christians, they are telling us that this utterance comes from the creator himself, and that what they teach is a reflection of the truth of Jehovah God’s creation, which is his "word." But if they are lying, then the inspired expression comes from Satan, who is deceiving us. And believe me, if this one thing were found untrue, it decimates the entire evolution argument! ...along with the big-bang and alien's from outer-space. Truth is, the globe earth model is the foundation which allows evolution to exist, for if earth were to be found a closed system, and unique in the universe, then it is not possible for life to exist elsewhere, hence it is not possible for life to have come to earth on a comet, and the only explanation for life and earth remaining, is that it was created by a creator. The globe earth theory was proposed to lay the groundwork for evolution’s coming, and the seed for it was laid down hundreds of years in advance by an intelligent planner, Satan. As we re-read through 1 John 4:1-3, it should cause us to make a serious and prayerful reexamination.

We need to and SHOULD question all this world tells us... and stop taking science as gospel.


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