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Flat Earth Theory / What is the basic essence of "Zetetic Philosophy"?
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:03:24 PM »
If the scientific method is; observe, ask a question, form a hypothesis, experiment, analyze results, accept or reject hypothesis, and make a conclusion; then what would be the Zetetic methodology be and how would it differ from the scientific method?

If you were to deconstruct Robowtham's Zetetic philosophy to its most basic components, what elements would remain? And how could Zetetic philosophy apply to concepts beyond FE theory?

Also, when it comes to Robowtham's writings (if you've read his book and articles), do you feel as though his methods are dogmatic (possibly because of his religious background) or is there room for improvement? Would it be too controversial to change concepts from a book that is taken so seriously by so many FE believers? Or, would it be best to leave Robowtham's book untouched but write a book using his original as a sort of springboard for new ideas?

I've just started reading The Earth is not a Globe so I may be asking the wrong questions. I also don't know much about FE theory as a whole, since I'm so new to trying to understand it, so I don't know what other research has been done. I do know that there is a good deal of research that is based solely on religious texts and scripture, and some that are based on old scientific ideas.


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