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One thing has been really bugging me lately about the FE definition of perspective.

According to FE the sun, 3000 miles above the earth, sets on the horizon due to perspective while staying the same because of some weird magnification rule that only applies to the sun. Trying to wrap my head around this concept I immediately thought of airplanes flying overhead and how they interact with the horizon. According to the rules of FE perspective all aircraft, no matter how high up, should "set" on the horizon instead of disappearing above it.

How is it then that some of the jets in this video seem to do the opposite:

I'm really trying to understand this FE perspective but it doesn't make sense why some things are exempt from certain aspects of perspective while others are not.

Flat Earth Theory / Space travel conspiracy
« on: April 29, 2018, 01:59:40 PM »
So it seems I've misunderstood the NASA conspiracy on the wiki.

This is actually talking about a conspiracy revolving around space travel and provides "evidence" why it is a hoax.

My question to FE: why do you believe space travel is impossible? Why couldn't the current concept of rockets work?

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