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Flat Earth Community / Re: Religion for flat earthers
« on: July 27, 2021, 03:24:43 AM »
The flat earth movement has always demonstrated a strong Deist movement. The reasons as to why are in many other threads already on this site but theories such as the clockwork universe are a good starting point for your understanding.

We've polled this many many times over the years and flat earthers are overwhelmingly Deists above any other denomination on our forum. Round earthers that visit this site are overwhelmingly atheist. God will roast them over an open fire eventually though, so they have it coming to them.  >:(

I can understand why many flat earthers  are deist is mainly because of religion; Religion is used to control the masses; religion is prevents you for even thinking/ using common sense. flat earth is the truth. Flat earth proves the existence of God. The global earth theory does not where is heaven in global earth? Only few pastors know the earth is flat. Some Christians have heard of the flat earth theory but few except it. as the bible says " The wider gate leads to destruction but the narrow gate leads to truth. Christians who have heard of the good gospel of the flat earth theory but do not except the narrow truth they will burn in hell with the atheist and the snake.

Now that I think about it Christians who believe that the earth is a globe the lord most high will burn them in the deeps of Hell; the ignorance is preventing them from reading the first words that came out of the word ( genesis 1:1-7) May the most high have mercy on his people and reveal to them his prophetic revelation of the flat earth theory may they cast and forsake the globe earth theory may they repent may the most high help them repent and forsake and abandon sin and being and read his word so that they believe in what he says so that they may believe in his word that the earth is flat.

I have come to the realization that religion is a tool that the children of the widowed ( isis ) use to control the masses; the lord saw that it is Good that I may remain a deist, and deist it shall be for now.



Flat Earth Community / Religion for flat earthers
« on: July 13, 2021, 06:42:52 PM »
This is not really a flat earth question its more of a religious question. here goes:

what religion do you practice are you Muslim? Christian? Buddhist? Hinduism?

what exactly do you believe in? 

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