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Title: "It's true, I saw it on the Internet!"
Post by: Pete Svarrior on February 07, 2018, 02:37:58 PM
Perhaps unsurprisingly, we've received many questions about the recent SpaceX launch, and the resultant "live stream" of a pretty red car floating about in space.

It certainly is interesting to see the shift of focus in space programs from official government organisations to privately-run organisations. Whether or not that's a good thing will, of course, vary with your political views, but the ultimate outcome isn't much different. After all, corporations are driven by profit, not the pursuit of knowledge or truth.

What is surprising, however, is the new generation of people shouting "It's true, I saw it on TV!" Except this time, it's the Internet. We have already witnessed the shortfalls of this blind belief in online materials; just consider recent US elections, the political Facebook campaigns in the UK, or the many fake-news sites run from countries like Macedonia.

I would like to appeal to everyone, Round Earther and Flat Earther alike, to exercise more caution when approaching online content. Exercise critical thinking. Seeing something on the Internet does not automatically render it true. Even Steve Wozniak has remarked that ‘[he doesn't] believe anything [Musk] says’ ( Make of that what you will.


Then again, it was a good car ad.
Title: Re: "It's true, I saw it on the Internet!"
Post by: junker on February 07, 2018, 10:17:33 PM
This is not the forum for debate. Since there is already another thread in FED that quote mines this thread, I am splitting the posts and locking this one.