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Title: Henry Howorth
Post by: Dionysios on May 21, 2014, 12:33:17 AM
'The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood'
By Henry Howorth
Volume One
Volume Two

Henry Howorth (1842-1923) was a nineteenth century British barrister and conservative MP.  He was also the most prolific nineteenth century opponent of Lyellian geology and champion of the old catastrophism to have written in English whom I have so far encountered.  Technically, Howorth is not quite a complete biblical literalist as far as the Noahic flood because he does not necessarily believe the biblical flood covered the entire world.  The reason for this is that Howorth might occasionally give credence to aspects of other ancient deluge stories when they contradict the bible.  That being said, Howorth was by no means an opponent of biblical literalists.  His research was and is valuable to creationists, and they were his allies in a fight over scientific opinion in the nineteenth century. 

Volume One is primarily a history of science writers who wrote both for and against the Noahic flood.  Occasionally going a few centuries deeper into history, Howorth traces this debate from the enlightenment to his own day (i.e. from about 1700 A.D. to 1900 A.D.).  This volume also covers the history of the ice age theory in great detail - a theory which Howorth is very much against.  Howorth makes it obvious that the growth of the ice age theory is often intertwined with skepticism of the biblical account of Noah. 

Volume Two is largely a survey of the impact of a deluge in different areas of the world and an argument against glaciers in such areas as the Sahara, et cetera.
Howorth also wrote a two volume attack on the ice age theory at the end of his life entitled 'Ice or Water?'


Howorth today might be classed as a paleo-creationist because he completely rejects the ice age whereas many creationists such as Ken Ham and Henry Morris accept and teach the ice age or ice ages. 

In my opinion, Howorth's refutation of Louis Agassiz's ice age theory is vital to clearing away a nineteenth century myth about the so-called polar regions which has done a great deal to conceal the facts and darken minds about these areas. 

As far as researching Noah's flood as well as the ice age theory, the value of Howorth is second to none. 

Title: Re: Henry Howorth
Post by: Dionysios on May 21, 2014, 12:37:57 AM
Henry Howorth is endorsed, incidentally, by David Wardlaw Scott in Terra Firma.