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why is there an antarctica in the center?

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It's just the map that I've adopted over time...  My favorite reason is that the land up north, around the arctic circle like Alaska, Russia, Scandinavia, and Greenland are all very tall in height and form a basin around the whole world which can "hold" a lot of the water mass of the oceans.  The map layout also has a lot of water space that allows you to move the continents around in order to find an accurate depiction of land distances. 
I believe Earth is one of at least 14 Dwarf Galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.  It acts as an Axial Disc Magnet attracting objects to it's surface.   Visually, Antarctica is at the center surrounded by the Arctic Circle.  It spins once a day, wobbles once a year, is covered by an icy dome, and lies beneath a small heliocentric solar system.


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Re: New Star Map
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Ships sailing north from different lines of latitude converge toward each other. They don't get further away from each other. That is the reality modern navigation has revealed to us. Leaving the discussion of rotated constellations behind (because it is definitely unresolved), you don't account for converging paths as people move north from various longitudes.
The courses of two ships would converge on a Northbound voyage assuming that they are both North of the equator. If they were South of the equator the courses would continue to diverge until they reached the equator.
Sure. I mean, I felt like that went without saying, but I guess it's worth pointing out. I was speaking from a Northern Hemisphere Supremacist perspective and that's probably not ideal.