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Flat Earth Community / Re: The Window of the Dome
« on: September 09, 2017, 12:14:21 AM »
Aaahh, that kind of makes sense, but from my (limited) sex education I was taught it took a bit more than kissing someone to make babies, but maybe I'm wrong. I remember my sex Ed teacher, Mrs Walker, telling our class that sex was evil and wrong and we all laughed because she said "sex" then a boy called Jason threw a chair at someone and got kicked out of the room.
I think he ended up working in the trucking industry, his Facebook posts always show him with lots of hairy men.

So if I learn another language, my skin colour will also change? That's pretty cool.

I also thank you for your concern regarding my swimming abilities, but I when I was younger I managed to swim 50m! I even got a medal for it, but what the teacher didn't know was that I was pulling myself along using the lane rope.

So, the end of the world is on July 4? Which year?

Flat Earth Community / Re: The Window of the Dome
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:10:31 PM »
"and the Lord then instructeth Noah and his family to engage in incestuous breeding the likes of which will never be fully comprehended"

Here's a thought, where did all the water go after the dove came back with the twig?

I assume that it was gravity that caused it (the water, not the twig) to fall in the first place, but then what? Did it go back up to the firmament? How?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Flat earth map is wrong
« on: April 14, 2017, 05:11:16 AM »
I believe that İntikam was creating a "true" flat earth map at one stage, did they ever finish it?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Satellite images
« on: July 27, 2016, 07:51:37 AM »
I haven't checked, but for FTP it's username@address, so the password would be electro

so what makes your evidence so correct ? Albert Einstein was a Freemason there is no such thing as gravity.
Where is your evidence for your disbelief in gravity?
Even if Albert was a freemason, it doesn't make him bad, or his theories invalid.

I knew a boy scout once, his name was Andrew. Now Andrew had some very interesting ideas about flight; specifically that if he jumped off the roof of the school shed wearing goggles and a plastic bag tied around his shoulders, that he could fly. Now, despite his efforts of researching the way the bag should be tied and what colours to paint onto the bag, no matter how many times he jumped off the roof he always seemed to fail in his attempts. He did succeed in breaking his arm in two places though. We all thought it was pretty awesome as we got to draw on his plaster cast and this one girl, Sue, thought that Andrew was so cool that they began to hold hands during school. They only held hands at recess though as they were in different classes, but at lunchtime one day we caught them kissing. We threw rocks at them from the safety of the bushes, but Andrew got pretty mad and started chasing after us threatening to kill us with his jedi mind powers.
Now I have never attributed Andrew's failure to fly or his success in kissing Sue to his membership in the Boy Scouts.
What specifically about someone being a freemason invalidates their contribution to science?


Is that flat earth sitting on the Wheel of Fortune?
I always wondered how the weather was determined!

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Satellite dishes in Norfolk, Virginia
« on: July 15, 2016, 11:16:51 PM »
There are some transmitters over all around the big cities. And the transmitters usually on high points on. For example in Istanbul almost all of the transmitters are on the same mountain that has the 267 metres altitude. If you in 267 metres circle around it, your actenna must be 45 degrees to see it.

1- But there's nothing like that where I was vacationing. Norfolk is near the sea and the nearest mountain is miles away. The tallest building that I could see that was near by was the hotel I was staying in and it didn't had a radio tower and was too low for the satellite dishes.

I was thinking maybe the sattelites exist but after holliday i changed my idea and now i'm thinking that the sattelites are not exist. Because when i'm travelling in a big city, all of the tv channels seems as perfect and when i was at a secluded place the tv channels don't seems good, insomuch that near of some villages tv channels don't seem. This situation shows there is no sattelites but strong transmitters all over the all big cities.

2- Was it Dish network or any other satellite dish system?

And GPS sattelites never working on secluded places on Turkey. But when i arrive a city, then GPS stars to working again.

3- Maybe that's something weird with GPS in Turkey. They work elsewhere in rural areas here in the USA.

I think its means nothing the angle of antenna, the most important thing if the radio waves arrives the antenna or not. The angle is not so important.

4- If the angle is not important then why are they pointed at a specific direction?


The angle of the antenna is saving the antenna from the weak wawes coming from the waves near and down.

2-  What is the difference for us?

3- There is nothing weird on Turkey. I'm believing all of the Middle east like this. because the dish network (transmitter network) does not include every location. But in America probably it does. I think there is transmitter on desolate mountains in US.

4- I'm believing horizontal direction is important but vertically angle is not so.

Then you are believing rubbish. The angle of the dish is absolutely critical in determining the gain of the antenna.
For an antenna to function it must be pointed at an angle where all the incident waves are reflected at the receiver element.
In the diagram you posted most of the waves will be reflected away from the receiver.

a screen that display you something you don't exactly what is all about and than supply you with stupid explanations that keep you stupid.
Are you saying that my computer monitor has a mind of its own, is intelligent and capable of conscious thought?

Took a whole 4 min to download!
Are you on our glorious NBN?
No just a Bigpond (Telstra) 30 Mb/s cable. Even at that speed the limit is usually the other end and not our cable.
It's interesting downloading a few hundred MByte Garmin GPS map file. First they warn you that "this download might take a long time", then after starts it says "12 min to go", then after about 4 min it's done!
The NBN, with fibre to node, would be a big advantage for anyone needing high speed upload.
And here I am using Malcolm's tin cans on string. Oh, to be on cable or FTTP.

Took a whole 4 min to download!
Are you on our glorious NBN?

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why isn't the sun 93 millions far away?
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:24:24 PM »
I think unnecessary someone wrote something unnecessary. I see nothing on the board.  8)
I think necessary someone did read something. It is clearly written 😁

Well done, now prepare to be ignored as you have replied to a thread starring the Intikam

Model 29 might be ok on this one.  İntikam started the topic and then left without beginning a back and forth dialog with any ONE person.  He therefore should not try the patented "I wasn't talking to you, but you talked to me, ignored, Bye!" thing.

Or Model 29 might make it to the naughty list anyway, since he didn't get permission to speak.
How do we do it? Would raising a hand and asking "Permission to speak Sir!"
Permission denied, you are ignored!

Sun has the biggest shape on just about 12 pm, and others are smaller.

At about 6 seconds when the cars and trees are seen, you can tell the filter isn't dark enough. 

I did these with a #14 welding lens.
Approximately noon.

Toward sunset.

Here they are overlayed.

Well done, now prepare to be ignored as you have replied to a thread starring the Intikam

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Why isn't the sun 93 millions far away?
« on: June 28, 2016, 10:55:08 AM »
There is a good, understandable working here for beginners.  :)

Oh. My. God!
Are you seriously going to post every stupid flat earth video on YouTube such that we have to rip each one to shreds!?!

First up, the douche tries to explain something with arbitrarily drawn circles that do not even match the sun's shadows.
Then the tool thinks that because something (most likely a cloud formation) is brighter it means that the sun is 3000 miles (or is it 700, I can't keep track)  away.
Then, using the principle of cloud diffraction, tries again. This one has already been ripped to shreds on this site.
Next, no proof of reality vs distorted reality is given. The ridiculous flat earth map, which even you don't agree with, is given as fact. No explanation, just rambling.

And lastly, this one really made me piss meself, a video is shown that seems to defy not only common observation, but also Tom Bishop's bendy light theory. How many times have you seen a sun set like that?

Now, i know you don't take criticism well (as evident from your ignore list), but at least try to back your videos up with some explanation, otherwise you're not doing any flat-earther any favours.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Astronomy debunk: The stars are not exist !
« on: June 27, 2016, 02:19:30 PM »
Who can show me a video took from altitude upside from the clouds and shows the stars.

A plane, a jet, a ballon, a rocket, or anything.? I'm waiting for a popular science hero. :)

If nobody shows a good prove about the stars exist, the disprove will be complete. My work is done about here. There is no resistance depends on real evidences. There is no any resistance.

Astronomy debunked. There is no stars seems on high altitude. There are stars seems on only low altitude or visual effect. Good bye fake astronomy, good by fake stars.

Where is the video?

Where is?


Is the video?

the video?


I'm trying to different ways to explain my want because of my weak english.

Videoooooooo  :D

hohoooo videooooo vid vid videooo . video.  ;D

Is there anybody?

I know you are searching a video like crazy but can't find.  Because there isin't.  :-X

an eye for en eye, so a video for a video.

I posted some videos as a proof so you should to show me some videos for disprove it. yeah man an eye for en eye,  and a tooth for a tooth.

consult to your teacher is free.  ;D  :D  8)

edit: 300 spartans. :)
Please put your arrogance aside and read my post above concerning why video recorders do not capture images of the stars when filmed from high altitude.
You are not doing yourself or any other FE proponents any justice by rambling on like this. You just come across as a fool.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Astronomy debunk: The stars are not exist !
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:13:11 AM »
The reason it is difficult to see stars from a plane is the same reason you can't see the stars when you look out of a window of a lit room.
In order to see the stars, it must be darker at the observation point than focus point. This is why the stars become clearer the further you travel away from a bright city.

The reason they haven't been captured on video is due to the fact that even top of the range video recorders need to have their setting specifically setup to achieve the level of exposure required to see the stars.
A crappy CCD in an iPhone is never going to cut it unless it is stabilized and an image recorded with a long exposure time.

Now to discuss your ramblings:

If we don't see the stars on night flights, then we decide to stars are not so far, and not so big. This test don't proves the are the stars visual illusion or not, because there is a possibility that the stars under the plane level, altough it is a low probability.
The absence of stars caught on camera simply proves that they were not captured on camera.
By your reasoning, every time I look at the night sky and cannot see the sun it must be decided that the sun does not exist.

We test 8 different flight, ballon test, jumping experiment, and no one of them we don't see any stars on the sky.

So the popular astronomy is disproven.
You haven't proven anything! All you've done is continue to embarrass yourself with deluded ramblings.
Furthermore, as you've decided to ignore pretty much everyone on this debate forum, you will undoubtedly try and declare that no-one can disprove you because you will ignore every single response proving you incorrect.

There is no user can reply the question.
You have ignored everyone who has answered your question.
Seriously, get a grip dude!


Okay! Inti' your constant blanking of those that disagree with you is childish, if you cannot come to an open forum and debate with those who have differing views then why are you here, especially in this case when you clearly have something to learn.

Here is a clumsy analogy of the heat debate. If you go in the water (representing space) and there are piranhas (flesh eating fish that represent air molecules that are heated), If there are thousands in your vicinity you will come into contact regularly and feel the pain, if those same thousands were spread evenly throughout the whole ocean, contact would be unlikely. Now remember here that the ocean in this model is space, the area that the piranhas exist, and in this model cannot hold heat itself as it is the absence of stuff.

Going back to you saying that I said " it has a weak heating because of it is a weak particle.". That is not what I meant, they are just so thinly spread out (it's the edge of the atmosphere) that contact is so small that any heat encountered is not in sufficient amounts (think running your hand swiftly through a flame) to heat you up.

I sense you thinking yourself as a teacher. If you, but not mine.

I did'nt ask anyone that may i come here or not. And nobody asker me if you accept which rules or not. This is a forum has some rules and all of my acts appropriate the forum rules. Everybody can write what he want, i can't stop them. But i have some principles differently from most of others. Everybody has a right to criticize me. meanwhile i have a right to ignore anybody who i want.

I told i have some principles and replying instead of anybody other is ugly behavior and who do that i'll ignore him. I'm doing it. So who want to continues to debate  me, get an answer to him questions, must respect my opinion. Who don't respect my opinion, i don't respect his opinion. Because of my principle is an eye for an eye, so don't respect to don't respect.

You don't respect my opinion so i don't respect your opinion , hereafter, you are ignored. bye.
Hi İnti,
It's been a while since you responded to me, is everything ok?
I'm just letting you know that it's ok to disagree with other people, as they will surely disagree with you; however this is no reason to bury your head in the sand and sing "la-la-la-la".
Hope you are well, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Unsure101  ;D

I wrote this article by addressing a person. If you pay attention i used a word as "you" more then one  and these yous are someone except you. adressed person were not you. this situation shows you are a disrespect and unprincipled person. I don't know why do you act like this that actually is not requered but i think this is not my problem. therefore you are ignored. bye.
Welcome to the club Woody, "one of us, one of us!"

Flat Earth Media / Re: Flat Continents
« on: June 23, 2016, 04:00:18 AM »
So.... did you give up? If constructing a flat-earth map is impossible, you should probably let the rest of the flat-earth community know :)
I think he's ignoring you, hang on, I'll ask him.
Wait... no can do. I'm being ignored too :(

I must say that I was super psyched to see his map. Guess he's just adding the finishing touches.

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