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Hey there, I've become obsessed with a certain topic lately and I'm EXTREMELY interested in the opinions of members of this forum.  I originally posted this on reddit and am reposting it here.

A little under half world's bird population migrate long distances every year. Typically, the birds spend half the year up north during the summer and half the year down south during the winter. The whole process is really impressive; reportedly some birds like the Arctic tern fly from the north to south pole every year. Apparently, over short distances and with familiar paths, birds usually use landmarks to navigate. However, on long trips, birds supposedly don't need landmarks and do just fine at night, in the dark, and when it's overcast (IE they don't rely on the sun, moon, or stars).
There's a lot of content online about Migratory bird navigation systems that I don't 100 percent understand. In Youtube videos and articles on (the big migratory animal hotspot), scientists use terms like quantum biology, and internal GPS. I guess the basic gist is that birds have an internal navigation system that allows them to go towards the north and south pole like a compass. The theories make intuitive sense to me but at the same time are super hard to believe.
Basically, I want to know how FE people explain migratory bird's ability to navigate. Am I overthinking this whole thing? Perhaps this topic has come up already. I personally believe the world is round but am super skeptical of NASA and anything related to space.
lol As I mentioned, I've done a lot of research on this topic. There's LOTS of NASA related websites where they talk about how they use satellites to map bird migration routes, anticipate changes, etc. The below link mentions some of NASAs commitment to protect migratory animals, prevent invasive species etc. lol I totally believe migratory birds can routinely navigate thousands of miles (which, BTW, is an amazing thing) but am super skeptical of ANYTHING NASA says. Maybe NASA spends 90 percent of the time taking pictures/videos of migratory birds and spend the rest of the 10 percent faking ridiculous shuttle missions. Seems plausible to me

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