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Title: Flat Earth and NASA can co-exist
Post by: celogan on April 18, 2019, 11:01:08 PM
Let’s suppose for a moment there really Is a Dome. The Dome is Much wider and larger than Flat Earth Believers in general think. There is also a “hole” or pathway in the Dome. This explains how Jacob saw a ladder from Heaven to Earth and Angels ascending and descending.
NASA and the Moon Landing, and all the Space travel can Still be Legitimate and not nullify a “Flat Earth”
ALL the stars we can see with eye and telescope and planets are really there. Abraham was told by G-D to look up and see the Stars, countless millions. So the Dome must be huge, and maybe more like a Bubble shape than a domed shape.
Denying thinks like Moon Shots, the Space Shuttle Disaster, etc. Just makes Flat Earthers look ignorant and foolish.  Both can co-exist. You can still have a moon landing without dismissing a Flat Earth.
You still need to deal with the pictures from the Space Station, which you can actually SEE with a telescope.
And the cameras on the ISS show pictures of Earth that are not exactly flat.