Humanities Project Interview
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Hello, My Name is Dee and I go to PGA. I'm looking for someone to interview who wholeheartedly believes in Flat Earth. The interview will not be a debate. The project is about recreating the Allegory of the Cave (Please watch the video below if you are not familiar). The idea is to retell it in a modern setting and I decided to go a step further and look at what could be the outside of a cave most people might be stuck in now. I want to do the interview over a video call and I hope to record it so that I can properly write the story. I won't record it if I don't have your permission to though. Skype is the go-to, but I'm open to other options for video calls. If you are interested, please send a private message or email me at In the PM please provide times that work, skype or other video call information, your name, and any questions you may have about the interview. Thank you.

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Re: Humanities Project Interview
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Dee, I look forward to hearing more about your results and ultimately your modern retelling of the Cave. :-)

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