Flat Earth - Space Travel Conspiracy Theory questions.
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Wanted to understand from Flat Earth Space Travel Conspiracy theorists what they believe in the following in terms of how the space travel conspiracy is managed by NASA and other space agencies or companies like Boeing:

1. How far up the employee chain of command (within NASA, SpaceX, or any other space agency) is one aware of (or notified of) the space travel "lie" and hiding the truth? Is it all employees or just senior level employees beyond a certain management pay grade or management level? What level do you believe it starts at?

2. What do you believe is Boeing's motivation for faking vent leak issues on their Starliner capsule during fake orbit in space and during fake space docking of the crew capsule to the ISS? Boeing has recently developed a kind of poor reputation as it pertains to recent Quality issues from their airliners (i.e. door hinges not being bolted on all the way and coming off during flight). What would be their motivation to faking things like vent leak issues on their Starliner capsule if it's only going to continue to negatively impact their quality reputation?

3. In the attached video, how do each of these astronauts appear to be weightless; if on strings how are they moving about, tumbling about, and rotating about without each of their strings getting tangled up? If they are in an airplane that is doing a parabolic maneuver to simulate weightlessness, at what altitude does the airplane need to be at to be able to simulate continuous weightlessness?   

4. In the attached video, do you believe the female astronaut's are using some kind of hairspray to get their hair to behave in the manner it is or is the hair CGI or an AI simulation to fake space travel weightlessness? Or, do you believe they are wearing wigs?

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