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Flat Earth Investigations / Salt Lake City Observations - Need Help
« on: April 12, 2019, 07:36:31 PM »
Hi I have been conversing with flat earthers mostly on Youtube for over 4 years. I recently thought to check back with this site, as for some reason your average flat earthers on Youtube call the flat earth society controlled opposition.. When I got here I started looking around and immediately noticed how much more mature the content is here.

My main reason here would be to invite someone influential around here perhaps for a chat about the hundreds of gigs of observations I have done that don't seem to comport with what was being said about flat earth when I first came around over 4 years ago. I see Youtube flat earthers have about 100 different excuses for observations now for what we simply point out is geometry to the earth in front of us. Some excuses include - perspective, airys diffraction, angle of attack, angle of incidence, dirty air, atmospheric conditions and many more.

Some of the most notable tests I have done are on the Bonneville salt flats and the great salt lake (most times looking at salt lake city from 26 miles away on antelope island causeway) and looking and strongs knob with a 4k drone only changing altitude. I went with Jesse Kozlowski (professional surveyor of 40 years) and hit all the geodetic triangulation points with two very expensive gps devices. We also did two drives across i80 (about 40 miles straight and level) east to west getting raw ECEF data (x,y,z). We have also modeled this with an accuracy of under .5% of the claimed radius of the earth.

I am here in hopes to have a serious conversation with serious individuals who are looking for the truth and have cogent arguments. Most of the Youtube flat earth scene is a total shill festival with trolls and mouth breathers that have nothing to say but erff flat.

I came from a deep knowledge into conspiracy, I am not your average globe cuck. It took me two weeks of research to understand things like the equinox, solar / lunar eclipse, 2 celestial points in conjunction with lat / long - are extremely good evidence the sky is telling us the earth is spherical. So I also went out and did hundreds of observations with different equipment, we even brought a auto level out to antelope island for observations on buffalo point.

Also looking at even flat earth observations seem to show strong evidence of the earths geometry. We have correctly identified the peaks of Jtolans 120 mile mt san jacinto observations, showing over 6,000 feet of the mountain being obstructed. He also seemed to try and fudge his observation height, and also deleted messages when we came on nice as can be telling him about this.

This salt lake city image provided is from a nikon p900 from 26 miles at different heights. There is over 100 feet that leads up to the base of the buildings, and clearly over 220 feet of the buildings being obstructed. I can answer and questions and provide more evidence for these and other similar observations.
(I tried to upload this but 192kb max) -

Hopefully I am in the right place for cordial discourse.

Best Regards,
Tim Osman

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