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Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do you think about this map?
« on: November 26, 2022, 05:19:04 PM »
The Three Stooges also made a map, clearly for fun. But it goes to show you, we can't blindly trust everything out there.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: What do you think about this map?
« on: November 26, 2022, 05:08:41 PM »
I question the validity of this map. I think if it were accurate or close to accurate, we would have seen more ancient depictions of maps like this one. I think it is trying to add confusion into the flat earth theory and lead people on a wild goose chase instead of teaching them the truth.
Take for example the Azimuthal Equidistant map. Many ancient civilizations have very similar ideas on what the map or world looks like.
I have also came across that ancient 1000 year old Buddhist map that seems to be the only one in existence.
I have never really heard much about all this extra land outside of the outer rim of our plane.
There would also need to be a separate light source like we have from the sun and moon, since we can trace the path of our sun and moon and we know it doesn't go beyond the ice rim of Antarctica.
Also, who were the people that went 'beyond' the ice rim and discovered and charted all these 'extra lands'?
They would have had to cross a vast expanse of inhospitable weather and even in modern times we would have a hard time doing that in 100 below 0 weather (Admiral Byrd claimed that Antarctica can get as cold as 100 below 0).
The 'elites' throw out all kinds of nonsense to keep the real truth from being known.
In the Canonical Bible and even the Apocrypha, there is no mention of any extra lands beyond our known plane.
Between the mid 1940's up until the 1960's when the government went to Antarctica to test the strength of the firmament, such as in Operation Fishbowl of 1962, where they repeatedly fired nukes straight up into the firmament don't you think that if the knew of extra lands, they would have pressed on to discover the edge?
Admiral Byrd mentions land that was not discovered, however, the top of the ice wall (or ice rim) would have had an expanse of land unknown in size to us that went from the ocean to where the ice wall starts to where it meets the firmament.
Based on the globe model, Antarctica is a smaller piece of land, but on the flat earth model it surrounds the entire plane and who knows the depth of it as I said from the ocean to the firmament.
There's a reason why the Antarctica Treaty is in place now and that is to keep us from discovering the truth.
It is becoming ever increasingly difficult now to actually go there to prove as the Antarctica Treaty prevents personal travel and the government won't be issuing any visitor passes to allow discovery. They will further keep people away with military force and by other means such as preserving nature areas that nobody can go to so people don't question why they're being kept away.
You are not allowed to sail or go past past the 60th parallel south. I believe it is to prevent us from getting too close to the firmament and discovering the true nature of the plane we live on.
Antarctica, interestingly enough, is the only 'continent' that has it's shape on the flag. It's almost like they want you to 'know' the shape of it - thereby further fooling us and hiding the truth.
There's only a couple of tourist spots you can go but it is heavily guarded by military presence.
The U.N. uses the Azimuthal Equidistant map as their logo. They are hiding the truth right out in plain (plane) site.
Admiral Byrd in his expeditions to Antarctica mentioned that there was 1000 mile long ice walls and separating those sections were 11000 feet mountains - this is probably where the unexplored land was that he mentioned.
An explorer by the name of George W.F. Rayner, a photographer and biologist was on an expedition to Antarctica in 1929 led by Australian explorer Hubert Wilkins and American publisher William Randolph Hearst. Rayner took many photos which are on display at the Museums Victoria in Australia (
There is one photo in particular that stands out to me. Behind a mountain range, it appears as the whole sky is glassy and could perhaps be the firmament (attached photo). Of course, given the cold climate there, it could be some sort of photographic anomaly but none of the other photos taken on that expedition show this.
The Bible correlates very well with what we know of the flat earth and there is no mention of extra lands beyond and they are trying to ultimately hide our creator from us.

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