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Re: Are the American police out of control?
« Reply #540 on: September 28, 2020, 11:38:36 AM »

Oh look, Trump supporters blocking the road and being hit by a car.

Like seriously, you can't tell they weren't BLM until you saw the red hat and Trump flags.
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Re: Are the American police out of control?
« Reply #541 on: September 28, 2020, 11:49:12 AM »
No, they are performing the job they are hired for.  They are not "out of control" as much as they are "under control".

The origin of the police in the US is straightforward and unambiguous.  They are private security and militia for the owners. They in no way work for your protection or "the stability of society" (what a moron you'd have to be to swallow that!), nor was there some golden era in which they did (there were pockets, at times).

Stricter laws and enforcement equals more people in prison.  The "deterrent" concept is completely bs with no support whatsoever.  More finable offenses means more revenue, and to a large extent the "butlers in blue" are only meter maids with guns working for the insurance syndicate today.  It's all very sad, but easy to understand.

In regards to running people over - Pete's comments are right.  Learn about the silver shirts, learn about the connection to the other/later "SS" - really dark stuff.  The slaves do not matter at all to the slavers beyond the job they are required to do, and will often be put in prison to be forced to do if they do not comply.

It's important to remember that police are failures, societally, economically, and educationally speaking.  They couldn't get any better job, and had no prospects, so thought a shot at a pension might be a good option.  The stupidest, most aggressive, least capable end up as cops.  And they have a LOT to be angry about, in their own lives and in society at large.  That anger is fostered and encouraged a variety of ways, and the "pigs" have no idea what role they play.  They're still taught they "keep the peace", "hold society together from anarchy", and are "heroes".  They are also taught that there lives are constantly in danger and they are in a hurry to get to pension station, so shoot first and sleep well.  Factor in the thugs (criminals. effectively) that they hire to "fight fire with fire" / "fight junkyard dogs, with junkyard dogs), the ones on the take (most of them, traditionally - see serpico for more info), and the disillusioned and almost universally maligned (also very stupid, poor/alternative-less/desperate) former military service men that already feel alienated and animosity towards general citizens for not "supporting our troops" and respecting them as "heroes" instead of the brainwashed murdering puppets they obviously are.  He's the universal soldier and he really is to blame.  Soldiers and police come from the same candidate pool (the poor with no options/alternatives), and they end up in a "club" together pitted against the citizenry where they can still play with guns, kill people, and relive the "glory days of battle" no doubt.  Heroism and boys with toys.  They are the impoverished, given the tiniest bit of authority which you can be well assured the majority will abuse - see the stanford prison experiment for more info.

There is too much bad to say about them, frankly. I've only paid lip service to a handful of the systemic and designed problems that the police cause and represent. They have never been there when I needed them and have only ever been a negative influence my life and the lives of most all others.  The chances of them being there when you need them, or having adequate response time, are very low and the role they serve is not, and has never been in my lifetime anyhow, your protection.

They are not a part of our society, they are a militant arm of the slavers and that was their original purpose too.  You can learn a thing or two from history, and from paying attention today.

Abolishing the police and prisons will help immensely. but the greedy ignorant slavers don't want that to happen.

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Re: Are the American police out of control?
« Reply #542 on: September 29, 2020, 12:51:38 AM »

More shocking police brutality. :(
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