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The Flat Earth Society Manifesto, version 2
« on: February 07, 2014, 03:01:51 PM »
Due to the original Manifesto having invalidated itself, here is a revised version without the self-invalidation clause. This has already been implicitly agreed to by all forum staff.

Canonical link (will always point to current Manifesto revision): http://forum.tfes.org/manifesto

                      Flat Earth Society Manifesto
                      The Flat Earth Society Forums

Author: Parsifal <parsifal@tfes.org>
Version: 2


 1. "Forum" means the Flat Earth Society forums hosted by Parsifal
    at http://forum.tfes.org/.

 2. "Member" means any user account on the forum.

 3. "You" means any member entrusted with privileges to modify, delete or
    otherwise influence any other member's posts or account status on the

 4. "Situation" means any circumstance which is being considered as
    justification for exercising your privileges on the forum.

 5. "Rule" means any individual directive in a thread on the forum which
    has been made sticky and clearly marked as a rules thread.

 6. "Offence" means violation of a specific rule. Multiple instances of
    violating the same rule are the same offence, but instances of
    violating different rules are different offences.

 7. "Manifesto" means this or any later version of this document, as
    published by Parsifal on the forum.

 8. "Publication", "publish" and "published" refer to the act of posting
    a document in any publicly visible place on the forum.

Terms and conditions

1. Amendments to the manifesto

Amendments to the manifesto may only be made with the express
authorisation of both "Parsifal" and "pizaaplanet".
Every new revision must be given a new version number, which
shall be an integer that is numerically greater than every
previously published manifesto version.

2. Perpetual agreement to the manifesto

When you agree to abide by the terms of this document, you also agree to
abide by the terms of any future version of the manifesto for as long as
you are in a privileged position on the forum.

At any time, you may revoke your agreement to this or any other version
of the manifesto by resigning your position on the forum.

3. Validity of old revisions of the manifesto

This version of the manifesto shall be null and void in application to
any events which take place after the publication of a newer version.
However, no future version of the manifesto may apply to an event which
took place prior to its publication.

4. Deference to the forum rules

There shall be, no more than 30 days after the publication of this
version of the manifesto, a set of rules posted on the forum. In all
decisions, you shall defer to the rules as written rather than relying on
your personal judgment.

For clarity, this is not to prohibit the invocation of personal judgment
in your interpretation of the rules. However, situations should be
handled according to the written rules first, and according to your
judgment of them second.

5. Equivalence of all members

You shall apply the same rules equivalently to all members on the forum,
without invoking your personal opinion of a member, their posting history
or any factor other than the rules and their behaviour in the situation
at hand.

There is one exception to this, which is that prior warnings for the same
offence may be considered as context in the situation. However, note that
prior offences without warning are not to be considered, and nor are
prior warnings for other offences.

6. Moderator discretion

There will inevitably be situations which the rules have not accounted
for. In such circumstances, you may use your own discretion, but you
should consider that the ultimate objective is to maximise the enjoyment
of the forum for all its members.
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