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Celestial Navigation questions
« on: May 22, 2017, 04:11:32 PM »
This is not in the Wiki or FAQ.  A forum search on "Celestial Navigation" yields no answers. 

Celestial Navigation has been used for centuries and it is possible to see the same stars from multiple points in the southern hemisphere at the same time.  People looking South in Australia can see some of the same stars that people looking South in South Africa can see.  The flat earth maps in the Wiki/FAQ all show that these same people would be looking in completely different directions,  in most cases greater than 90 degrees. 

This could easily be replicated with cameras mounted to a globe looking south on the 35 degrees south latitude line that passes the tip of Africa and part of the southern coast of Australia.  The do the same thing on a flat surface with any one of the FE maps and point the cameras due south.  It will be painfully obvious why FE maps don't work.

How is this possible? 
How does Celestial Navigation work in the southern hemisphere on a flat earth?

Do you have a citation for this sweeping generalisation?