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To whom it may concern:

New user here.  I see that in your registration process you mention to check your spam folder for the confirmation email in case it lands there.  As a gmail user (gmail does very well with email security practices), it went straight to spam.  As a person with a relatively extensive email security background, it was immediately clear why.  I can give you very simple instructions to dramatically improve your inbox placement without needing to spend a dime on software.  If any admins here are interested, I'm happy to help, free of charge of course.

Edit:  after reading over my original post, it sounds kinda shady... for transparency my advice would be about how to implement authentication mechanisms such as SPF/DKIM and things like making sure your sending domains align for DMARC checks.  All easily googled stuff but I assume this site has had this problem for a while since they are not properly in place, so just offering some help pro-bono.

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