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Suggestions & Concerns / Warnings without rule violation
« on: November 01, 2021, 07:21:12 PM »
Recently, we have received two warnings for "off-topic" posting. In both cases, our reply was hurled into Angry Ranting, and given a completely irrelevant title. The first occasion,, the reply was given the title "FE v bad", by our dear moderators. The second occasion,, our post was given the title "nobody responded to a thread, therefore no response exists. i am very smart.".

Not only are these titles dishonest and out of context, our replies did not violate any rules. The warnings reference rules three, five, six, and nine.

Rule three does not apply because our replies were relevant to the original topic, and they definitely were not repeat offenses.
Rule five does not apply because we can't respond in any thread, and therefore, any forum, except the forum that the original post was in.
Rule six does not apply because there was no extraneous information, and it wasn't a repeat offense.
Rule nine definitely does not apply because we weren't asking for help.

So why on earth were our posts warned? It would seem to be because the moderators don't like our posts.
Maybe a better approach is sending a personal message referencing specific rule violations, instead of an uninformed automated blanket message that doesn't help anyone.

We would like to politely request that the moderators ensure that rules have actually been broken before a warning is issued, and to give situation-specific warnings.

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