Re: What's on the underside of the Earth?
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Yes Inti’, I did, and I am afraid it was full of mischief and devilry, with no compassion for those who need to believe in something that makes them feel special in regards to the universe, whilst at the same time superior to the unfortunates that haven’t broken the fetters of their education to accept as true, that man powers his world using fallen stars, or whatever else some paranoiac has made up in his bedroom, as long as it contains a few bible quotes and mentions the ether.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people, I really don’t.

Everbody has the right of powers his words with using something. And everybody do that. So according to you, we think everybody is paranoiac except yourself, because you don't power your words with anything, oppositely everybody.

If the problem is using "fallen stars", then which science dedicates that when paranoia starting point. Acording to me, popular science is a paranoia itself. So i can  identify everybody that depends on popular science as paranoiac because according to me it depends on paranoia. Is it enough? No. I'm the member of Turkish Republican Party so all of the Turkish democratics are paranoiac; i'm muslim, so all of the christs and jews are paranoiac; i'm a man so all women are paranoiac. Who don't looks like me, is a paranoiac. If somebody is same as me, isin't a paranoiac.

That's the meaning of what you said by a different way.


Inti, I don’t call you (and those like you) paranoid because you disagree with me. But for the fact you believe in the unproven and absurd, (NASA are terrorists, nuclear power/weapons don’t exist, the Illuminati not only exist but they can also subvert the will of god). And this thread where you were willing to go with the ridiculous OP. Maybe there was something in the translation to your language that made it sound appealing, I don’t know.

You reject mainstream science and those of us that don’t, as blind followers, despite the fact that science is all about challenging the facts (The Royal Society, possibly the oldest science institution in existence has the maxim; “Take nobodies word for it”) but follow a religion that insists its supporters do so without question. Showing a disjointed thought process widespread amongst the paranoid.

Ahah i understand you by some but i don't understand some of your words because you used some long sentences. when you do that, the google and yandex translated it so so different.

You are saying something as proved but actually nothing is proven. for example what is proving to the eart's shape? nothing. If there is a way, You could convince me. I think purely scientific. Which one is more nonsence? If to look around and see everything is stable and thinking the world is staying on where it stands, or to look around and see everything is stable and thinking the world is spinning with 1.000 miles per hour. atmosphere and world can not act harmonious  in this way.

you are experiencing a lot of confusion . if a logical idea and I support it . I always thought if you put forth as a theory it sounds ridiculous to you. I do theory , then you can go right or wrong.

I hope you understand me.

Wow, you're reading and replying in english through google translate thats actually pretty impressive I'll give you that even if you don't understand science, where are you from? That's how I got through Spanish, and the teachers always said they could tell if you used it... they can't haha.

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Re: What's on the underside of the Earth?
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That was legitimately one of the best things I have ever read. Seriously.