Re: Five Year Plan for the Improved Status of the Flat Earth Society
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I think it makes sense to at least have the advertisements made public on here. It doesn't necessarily need to be for approval purposes, but those in charge need to know what is being said for the community in case they need to issue a statement to the contrary of the advertisement.


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Re: Five Year Plan for the Improved Status of the Flat Earth Society
« Reply #61 on: April 14, 2014, 11:52:19 AM »
here for what its worth why don't you try doing more experiments like the Bedford level experiment was a hundred years ago it isn't a good look to base your theory off that when round earth is pretty much used as a basis for many scientific studies with real world effects. another thing is stop focusing on bashing round earth for a bit or tone it down the whole conspiracy thing really just puts up a whole tinfoil hat brigade look about the place look I think round earth is right but since everybody has a right to contribute ill contribute. another thing is make the place more fun and fix all the links on the wiki when you have a look at it half don't lead anywhere, the fun thing is more just maybe have a meet and greet thread I don't think if I posted one many people would post on it but one of the longer term members maybe but just make everybody know eachother better its very hostile here right now
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