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Flat Earth Theory / Falling upward?
« on: October 12, 2016, 03:35:54 AM »
  Simple thought. What exactly is 'Falling' here? The disk earth with the ice ring around it? The infinite plane? Is the firmament also falling?

  Also why doesn't the air and such just flow over the edge and into the nothingness? Surely if there's force keeping us on the Earth because we are falling then anything not on the surface should be pushed outward toward the edge correct?

Flat Earth Community / Flat Earth SciFi Story
« on: October 11, 2016, 02:15:30 PM »
  Okay, first post. Hello all, as far as you know my name is Norr and this is the first FE forum I signed up for. I'm neither a Flat or Sphere Earthed more somewhere in between. Stupid right? Anyway a few rules if you would like to join in on this endeavor.

1: Don't be a eyhole.
2: Assume everything is real.
3: No 'holier than thou' or 'conspiracy theorist' attitude about this.
4: This is for fun, so have some.
5: Religion is fine but do NOT get preachy about it. At that point there's no possible way you don't know that you're being annoying.
6: The term 'round earther' or any variation shan't be used here as it is redundant. Even a flat earth is round.
7: No debates. The absolute truth is that what you see is your personal perception and is therefore biased 100% so no one can say if there is a curve or not. Period

  Alright, I have become fascinated with the possibility that the earth is flat. I began researching it a few years ago and have been coming up with various ideas since then.  I would like to use those ideas and of course any ideas you all may have, to create a series of short stories that intertwine slightly.

  These stories will propose that both ideas are equally true and will use religious and scientific aspects to make it so.

  Its not much to go on but I really don't feel like pouring my thoughts out if no one is going to read them. If anyone is interested in something like this, brainstorming or contributing to, just post and we'll work together to hopefully create some stories that BOTH sides will enjoy.

Also if this is in the wrong section please move it to the correct one. This being 80% about the earth being flat it seemed right to put it here

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