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Title: Name Change
Post by: Tom Bishop on February 01, 2014, 05:30:18 PM
On the other board we were talking about a name change. What do we think about that?

Here was my contribution to the discussion:

Idea: The Flat Earth Academy of Sciences

A Think Tank dedicated to the advancement of earth science and the Zetetic Philosophy. As a sister organization to the Flat Earth Society the academy collects, organizes, and publishes scientific material pertaining to the movement.

Whereas the Flat Earth Society is a basic forum where newcomers go for basic discussion, the Flat Earth Academy of Sciences is where they go when they graduate. It is a place for higher level debate, and provides a venue for its members to publish research, organize projects, and speak with other Flat Earthers.
Title: Re: Name Change
Post by: Tom Bishop on February 05, 2014, 04:44:04 PM
Other ideas from the thread ranged from "The Independent Flat Earth Society", "The International Flat Earth Society," "The Flat Earth Academy", and "The Flat Earth Academy of Zetetic Sciences". There is also a suggestion for a "Universal Zetetic Society". I apologize if I missed anything.

While I like the idea of the Universal Zetetic Society, I tend to agree with one of the posters in the thread, who mentioned that the public would not instantly relate to the name. For that to work focus of the forum would need to switch from FET to general skepticism and empiricism. It implies that the forum is about a certain method of scientific inquiry, rather than anything to do with FET specifically. Not that it wouldn't work, however. I believe this was the focus of Rowbotham's original Universal Zetetic Society -- a place for free thinkers and original thought free of the chains of scientific dogma.